He doesn't text first, but always flirts in person?

Met a guy recently who asked for my number. For a couple weeks he would initiate the texts just as much as I would. Then he stopped.

I figured he lost interest, so I moved on. But he has been initiating conversation and playfully flirting with me in person the past week.

Lots of smiling, eye contact, teasing, names, touching, etc

(friends of mine say he is a flirt, but I haven't seen him flirt with other girls in front of me)

Why doesn't he text me first anymore?

Ps. Whenever he flirts with me I flirt back


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  • I'm almost the same kind of guy like him.

    I will initiate text, but get really bored, cause I want to see and feel the real thing and not just text back and forth.

    Don't worry about texting that much.

    He just wants the real deal (being with you in real life) and not a phone that sends and receives messages.

    Ask your self, do you want a relationship with a guy that just sends text messages back and forth or a guy that wants to see you in person, so he can see you smile, make eye contact, touch you, flirt and etc.

    • I was having the same problem as this girl and your answer is great. Thank you! ;)

  • I like a girl but only message her if I have an excuse usually don't want to ever annoy her


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