Why does he always text me good morning and good night?

i'm in grade 12 and there's this guy whos I'm my art class who is in grade 11. we usually talk and joke all class.

well recently, he took my phone and put his number in it then texted himself from my phone to have my number. then he said that he was going to randomly text me over the weekend.

he never did, so two nights after the weekend I texted him first. and now we've kinda been talking to him no stop. all over texting.

i'm not really into the whole texting thing where it has ruined a few relationships in the past because I usually open up more over technology.

anyways, he always texts me good morning and good night, I'm curious as to why he does it. cause from my experience, most guys never do that, and he does it every morning. is there a reason to why he's doing this?

also, I feel like he flirts with me a lot over text.

like he's gone on a trip this weekend and he asked me if I missed him yet.. then he tells me about songs that reeminds him of me. they're also filled with smileys!

so the question is he just being nice? or is there something more to it?

Why does he always text me good morning and good night?
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