Why the slowed down texts?

OK, I seem to find myself in this situation quite often.

I met a guy and we hit it off really great. The first week, he was texting me everyday, all through the day. In the mornings I'd always get a "good morning" text, and he'd then text me while at work, then later on that night he'd give me a call.

After the first week, the texts pretty much stopped. As far as I could tell, nothing happened to cause it. Every time we talked he kept saying how much we have in common, and how he's looking forward to seeing me. We went on a date, and had an amazing time, He flirted the whole time, and couldn't stop kissing me on the cheek. We also had an amazing first kiss, but he has not called and has only texted like once or twice. This was almost a week ago. I'd say, I've been talking to him for a total of about 2.5 weeks now.

What made him slow down? Do you think it's lack of interest?
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Ok, so after 4 days of nothing, I text him with a casual text to see how he was feeling, since he was sick. He calls me right away with "i saw your text, and new I was forgetting something." Meaning he forgot to call me... Yeah, ok! Then...
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... he decides to answer my question about dating other people, and he said, he's not weeding anyone out yet, he's keeping his options open.
Why the slowed down texts?
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