If she doesn't offer an alternative, is it a blow off?

I hung out with this girl once. afterward she texted me that it was fun.

A couple weeks later, I texted her to hang out again. She said she was having a family potluck. Then she added that it would have been a perfect day to hang out since the weather was good.

But that was it, she didn't offer an alternative time. In the past, it took me a couple attempts to get her to hang out, but at that time she offered alternative times so I knew she wanted to. But this time she didn't, which sounds like she's blowing me off.


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  • If she mentioned "It would have been a perfect day to hang out"...

    It means:

    A)She is stringing you along,instead of outright letting you know she isn't interest.


    B)She is playing hard to get as in...she wants YOU to be the Aggressor.She wants you to step up to the plate and ask her out each time until you guys are SOLID...as in an exclusive relationship.

    Hell,even I do this.

    Ask her out again,I guarantee she will say yes.She just wants you to do it.

    • 'she wants YOU to be the Aggressor.She wants you to step up to the plate and ask her out each time until you guys are SOLID...as in an exclusive relationship.'

      Not worth it at all. These games are stupid and only the insecure would play them

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    • No,I don't find any of this alarming.She wouldn't say anything regarding hanging out again if she didn't want to see you again.Secondly,she probably wouldn't even entertain texting you again if she wasn't interested.If she texted you that she had FUN,its because she did.I've explained the game to you.Its up to you if you decide to go along with it.Nothing about this situation is shocking or unexpected.Maybe you haven't experienced it before,but her behavior is actually pushing you to court her

    • the old school way.You know,where the guy asks out the girl and makes real effort.That's all that's happening here.As I have said,if you take the time to ask her out again,she will say yes.Guys today are not use to this,but...you can either deal with it or not.The main reason for her doing this is to gauge your level of interest.

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  • Honestly, I don't think that you can really know for sure if she is or isn't blowing you off. She clearly has something going on and just because she didn't offer you another time doesn't mean she doesn't want to hang out. She seemed friendly so you have that in your favor. Also, this is the first time it has happened.

    I would ask her again in a few days or so and if she still is too busy or not offering a alternative time and then not asking you herself, then you can know a little bit better.

    • well, it's just a bit alerting because before at least she'd say something like "I'm around next weekend". This time she didn't, although she did say that it "would have been a perfect day because the weather's so good, though."

    • and she did text me she had fun an hour after we hungout. I mean, people don't just text that to be polite, do they? Or maybe they do.

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  • I don't think she's blowing you off; it sounds to me like she's send you a hint that she wants you to ask her out again. If you ask her out and she says she's busy without giving you an alternative time, that's a bad sign.

  • Then simply offer her an alternative time.