I kissed a close friend while we were drunk... but she has a boyfriend.

Hi there,

We were both sort of bit tipsy/drunk but completely in control of our senses. We were talking and talking.. she was telling me about how she is in a rocky long distance relationship. Then she rested her head on my shoulders.. and I just hugged her to keep her warm... then all of a sudden we were kissing each other. Well it was so magical, because I always had a soft spot for her. I think the kiss was probably the best I had.

Now, since she has a boyfriend (a very rocky long distance thing).. does she like me? or is it just a thing that girl have once in a while even though if they don't have feelings towards you. Also... how can I tell if she liked the kiss? Just curious.



btw, I didn't intend to kiss her.. it just happened "automatically"


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  • you were both drunk; it could go either way. In the sober light of day, you may both feel the same--or you may not. Only one of you has to say no, and it's not gonna happen


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  • She wanted you to kiss her. That doesn't mean she didn't feel guilty. That's why she told you about everything, out of guilt. But still, she wanted it.


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  • tipsy/drunk but in complete control?

    just hugging to keep her warm then we were "suddenly" kissing?

    always had a soft spot for her?

    best kiss ever?

    update: didn't intend to kiss her..it just happened automatically?

    Matt, your a bundle of contradictions mate!

    You like this girl, just admit it and lets move forward, NEXT!

    Does she like you? feelings for you? liked the kiss? - Only she knows unless you ASK HER.

    If it were me (and it isn't) I'd meet up with her again in a comfortable public place (say dinner) and bring it up - "Say, I'd like to say something about what happened, the kiss, I mean." (if at this point she jumps in and apologizes and says she didn't know what was going on, shouldn't have happened) you have 2 options, #1. play it cool or #2. tell her your not sorry, you liked it, it may have been the best kiss you ever had (she will either back off more or want to hear more) if she backs off - go back and play it cool, it isn't happening, if she want to hear more, see where it goes, go slow (i.e. don't confess your undying love for her at this point) but just let her know you'd like to see more of her but you know she is working out this long term thing. WORST CASE: She totally rejects you up front - in which case do you really want a relationship with a girl that is THAT harsh?

    Ladies, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.

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