Guys, do you want a girl to laugh at your jokes even if they're not funny?

I was just thinking about this today. We all know there's all these

stupid dating rules (as if dating isn't hard enough as is), that you're

suppose to follow (or whatever lol.) And, one of those quote "rules" is.

A women is always suppose to laugh at man's jokes, whether they're

funny or not. So, my question is. Guys, if you were on a date and told

a girl a joke, would you want her to laugh just to appease you or would

you respect her more if she didn't laugh because she doesn't find it funny?

I'm just a different type of person I guess, but I think I'd be doing the man

more of disservice by pretending it was funny, than I would if I just was

honest and told him politely that it is not really that funny. I mean, the way

I look at it is. That poor man could go around telling that same joke to

every woman he dates and they all laugh at it (because that's what women suppose to do),

then he comes to date one woman who turns out to be a complete and total

donkey's ass and belittles him, yells at him and makes him feel bad about

one stupid joke (let's not pretend women like that don't exist,because they do).

Well, it's little things like that, that can shattered a persons confidence

when it comes to dating and that would be ashame. You know why? Because, If

only ONE woman would have had the courage to tell him the truth, instead of doing

what some stupid magazine told her to do. She could have saved that man from, being

embarrassed and having to go through that (not so pleasant) experience. That's how I see

things. Also, 2 things. 1) I'm very intuned to my emotions, so if I don't feel it I can't emote

it. 2) I consider myself to be a witty/funny individual, but I know I'm not ALWAYS funny. I have

my off moments and I personally would be happier if someone just didn't laugh or tactful told me it

wasn't funny. Then I would if they laughed because they thought they had to. You know what

I mean? So, gentlemen. What do you think?


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  • I think that you should still laugh, at least sarcastically, and then explain that it was a bad joke. Sometimes people tell bad jokes expecting that kind of response, but at least it breaks the ice. I tell bad jokes sometimes because hearing someone tell a bad joke lightens the mood in its own way. It's fun to be laughed at for telling a bad joke sometimes.

    It doesn't sound very polite to stand there in stunned silence and then tell someone their joke isn't funny, you must come off as too serious or uptight. At least smile or something to give them credit for trying. You can even just roll with it and tell another bad joke, or better yet tell a joke that's actually funny.

    It's fair to acknowledge it was a bad joke, I would just do it in a light way. Everybody's nervous on the first few dates so I think it's more fun if you take any chance you get to laugh and get some of the tension out. I don't think hearing you told a bad joke really shatters confidence, but it definitely is a downer if you only get a look of pity out of it. Then a guy just starts over thinking everything he's about to say and things go south.

    In short, tell him it wasn't funny in a friendly way.

    By the way did you hear about the two antennas that got married? The wedding was terrible, but the reception was great.


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  • I tend to like it when girls laugh at my bad jokes because it boosts my confidence and I'll be more relaxed. If she doesn't laugh, then I'll think to myself that my jokes aren't funny, I'll begin second-guessing myself, and the jokes that ARE actually funny I won't say because I think she won't find them funny. Neither she nor I win in such a situation. So, for some guys you might be doing a service in letting them know their joke wasn't funny, but for guys like me, doing so would be more hurtful then helpful. If you are going to tell him it wasn't funny, do so in a light-hearted manner that lets him know you really appreciated the effort. That way, he'll feel encouraged to tell more jokes knowing there's no consequence for being off the mark.

  • Nope. If she doesn't get my jokes or her sense of humor is drastically different then mine, then we'll never get anywhere in life together. Faking it isn't good. I need someone that actually gets me, so that I can just be me and she has fun without me trying. =) It's inspiration when you're on the same wave length with a girl where humor is concerned. The genuine smiles and giggles can make my day. To bad there are so many ice queens out there that are so concerned with being serious and presenting an image. It's so disappointing at times.

  • TBH I use to like it but I had a girlfriend who was really clingy and all that and I use to make some really bad jokes and she use to laugh really loudly at them to the point were it was extra so I saw laugh only when its funny and giggle to not make it awkward

  • just make a joke about how its not funny-use irony, make a funny face--then use that face as a kind of 'code' even use it when you know your own joke wasn't funny...mens ego's are so fragile :) peace

  • No, I don't. Fake laughing is stupid.


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