FWB "marking his territory"

A guy I dated became friends with benefits (we dated a few months, but it never became very serious. We decided this was best since I'm planning on transferring in the next year).

When we dated, he loved giving me hickeys (though after one time of it being visible at work, he started being more careful on placement.) The last time we were together, he did it again for then first time in a while. Would it be to harsh to bluntly state I'm not his territory to mark anymore?

The "territory" thing was a joke from a while back. Neither of us meant it in an actual ownership way, and we said the same thing when I scratched his back or gave him hickeys.


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  • I asked the same question and its probably because you guys used to do when you where dating and he is just used to you being OK with it. I would kindly say hey we aren't in that kind of relationship anymore please don't mark me.

  • no, you can say whatever you want