What exactly is a "date"?

I figured it's when two people, any two people, decide to spend time together with the intention of getting to know each other, the atmosphere between the two of them romantic.

I asked because when I went out for coffee and lunch with my FWB, he called it a date. When in fact we're not romantically involved in any way. I mean, he calls me names like sweety, cutie pie, and all, but that's the extent of it.

So what's your definition of a "date"?


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  • Sounds " GAY " or a " friend zone " thing. Romantic requires a sexual agenda from the guy . He sounds like Sweety , Cutie pie etc. I can see why you get confused, a man should be clear with his intentions.

    • why gay? And I don't think it's a friend-zone situation. He's not like being sweet to me or anything.

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  • He said it was a date, yet there was no romance or was he leading the interaction is a sexual way like men should. I it was me I would be touching you straight away etc showing my intentions not hiding them , Trust is lust . Not " Cutie pie " anyway you asked a question and I answered. We should be friends send me a request etc.


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