Exclusive dating vs relationship?

We met on a dating website 1.5 months ago went out for 6 dates and everything is going well.

Since the third date he let his acc expired and said he is only seeing me. We had a talk after the 6 dates he said he is ready to date me exclusively and asked if I'm ready to. He said relationship will come soon after being exclusive.

Is he playing me? what is he trying to say?


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  • Well seems that some people have different ways of 'categorizing' things. Me personally, if I'm dating a girl, she's my GF, even if for that short time. We're exclusive and that;s it that's all. I never got categorizing things and making 'dating' different from a 'relationship', and etc.

    Seems he has these ideas. He also seems to be checking with you how you feel about it.

    Not really sure why you think he's playing you? Why would he be playing with you if he let his account expire and seems to want to be exclusive with you? I don't understand.

    • To me exclusive dating is like him saying hey you can't date other people but you are not my GF... that's why I think he is playing me

    • But is it what he thinks? Don't over-think it. Maybe you are right, but doesn't sound like he's playing you if he's becoming exclusive. He just wants to play it safe.

      If you're wondering or if your concerned, you need to talk to him, not us.

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  • Um, exclusive IS a relationship-you guys are in a relationship with each other and don't see other people-THAT is a relationship. He sounds weird. I mean everyone knows what exclusive means. Ask him to explain what he thinks is the difference between the two. And I am usually ask by one or 2 dates to become exclusive, so this is not to soon for him to ask.

  • to me it's the same thing. I never heard of exclusive and boyfriend/girlfriend being different things.

  • like says, he has a different idea between what exclusivity and boyfriend/girlfriend is. Exclusivity is just not seeing someone else and only seeing that person. BF/Gf like he said usually comes right after since its only been 2 months ago that's pretty early on to decide these things anyway. take him for his word and give him time to prove what he says. No he is not playing you

    • Ah OK. I guess I'm thinking too negatively. I thought he was trying to appear single to the world while trying to get physical with me. Mmm does that mean better not to get physical before a real relationship?

    • if he is willing to wait and it makes you more comfortable than yes I would wait at least until he proves his worth to you.