I liked him but I rejected him because I got scared...what should I do?

Two months ago a coworker and I went out for drinks. We started talking and flirting. There was even some dancing. I was wearing a dress and he put his hand on my knee. He started to move his hand upwards and I stopped him. He asked if I had a boyfriend and I lied and told him I did. I got scared and nervous for several reasons. I have never dated a coworker before and the company is small. Plus, I felt he was being too physical and too forward too soon. And to further complicate things, I am a virgin. So I am sexually inexperienced as well. I've dated guys in the past but it's never lead to anything sexual. Problem is, I do like him but I'm not sure if he still likes me or if he has a girlfriend by now. What should I do?

Thanks guys and girls for all your feedback. I have spent more time talking and flirting with him and have discerned that he is basically a horndog. He's just looking for "hookups" and not a relationship. I wish him well but I am moving on to someone who is looking for something more substantial.


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  • The best way to find out is ask him. Chances are he does, if he was moving his hands up your body. But then again, he could just be looking for sex. If so, ignore this guy. I'm not sure he's considered relationship material.

    • Thanks. He talks to me but its nothing substantial and he hasn't mentioned that night.

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  • Ever heard the saying " never shit where you eat"? If you like your job, work place relationship can get "stinky".

  • If the age in your profile is true,then you should really know what to do...


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  • If there's one thing I was told by somebody that has stuck with me and probably always will is this: never date a co-worker. It can lead into... complicated stuff, especially if one breaks up.

    Now I'm not saying ALL co-worker dating stuff leads to this - I'm sure there have been ones that worked out - I just personally would never date a co-worker.

    That being said - if you really do like him, take it slowly; if he doesn't want to take it slow, then in my opinion, he's not worth your time.

    At the end of the day, it's totally up to you though.

    Oh and, I wouldn't worry about being a virgin or not: any guy who thinks that's stupid or whatever is totally not worth your time in my opinion. The guy should like you for YOU, not for a brief pleasure or whatever.

    Hope this helps at least a little -- I'm not exactly an expert on things of the heart. But I wish you luck!

    • I agree - don't worry if you're a virgin. I'm a virgin myself.

    • I know what you mean. There are always exceptions where people met at work and ended up getting married but most of the time it is a disaster. This is the first instance where I have been so attracted to someone I work with, so I never had this issue. It was easy to have a "no co-worker policy" when I didn't particularly like anybody at work. I think that I will talk to him more one on one to determine if he is worth the risk.

  • Contact him up again and explain

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