Why do girls sometimes ignore text messages/snapchats?

I really like my girl best friend, and we've been snapchatting everyday since she got her first smartphone (I am now her #1 bestfriend). But it pisses me off because she sometimes ignores my texts (it's fine, I'm still calm).

And also, most of the time I let her start conversations, instead of me because I would sound desperate (that's like my annual lesson for 2013; don't sound too dessperate towards girls). But one day, I asked her a question, and it was opened a minute later I sent her the snap.

Can you guys tell me why does she do that? My guess is, probably she's busy? I don't know, whatcha guys think?


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  • I usually don't reply right away to my friends...I'll look at the text and just get back to it later...I don't really think anything of it...I personally just don't like to reply to text messages when I'm in the middle of something...but I'll read them...I need to concentrate while replying...

    Then sometimes I'll forget they sent me a text and that's why the reply is delayed...I think everyone has their own text back time...as long as she's consistent it should be all good...my friends take a while to get back to me...sometimes a couple days...

    My boyfriend can take a long time to reply...but that's cause he's in med school...I told him it bothered me when he wouldn't text me at least once a day...and now he does...

    If it bothers you tell her...that's the only way she'll know you are upset by it

    Answer mind please? link

  • Yeah honestly she's either busy and forgets to reply later or she's too lazy to respond. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this but when my boyfriend and I first started hanging out together he'd send me snapchats in the mornings (when I had no makeup on and my hair was a mess) and I'd always open those and ignore them because I didn't want him to see me like that. Maybe I'm the only girl that's ever done that but it's possible that this happens with her too. I wouldn't worry about it though.


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