Why do girls ignore / miss messages?

Hello there,

I got a girls number after I met her through sports; we got on well in person. I hit her up and started talking to her.

She reciprocated the interest, and I talked to her for a bit, found out a little bit more about her. Replies were pretty fast, but it was late, and a Saturday night of drinking.

I didn't hear from her for about 12 hours, then she apologies for the slow reply saying she'd been hungover all day. Her reply was full of "hahahaha"s and was decent overall. I replied. I've now been waiting over 24 hours for a reply, and I've seen that she's been online on her phone.

Why would a girl seem even a bit interested, then fail to reply? Do girls just ignore messages? How can you miss messages, even if you're getting loads?
Why do girls ignore / miss messages?
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