Please don’t be mean. Why did he chose her?

Me and my boyfriend were together almost 3 years. During the last year this other girl became a real problem. He started played on a coed team during covid. That’s where he met her. We fought about it a lot. Whenever We try and work on things I find messages from her saying how she missed spending time with her. And somehow he always started things back up with her. She knew about me the whole time and was still doing this. I’m sure he told her we broke up or weren’t doing good but still if he bacante distant with her why wouldn’t she let it be. We got into a huge right the last time I saw messages. Because over the holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided to put it all behind us and make it work. And there she was okay texting “why are you ignoring me”. She always seems so nice and I guess seemed like a better option bc at this point I was pretty angry. Then at our last huge fight people I live with said they don’t want him here anymore. He went completely cold and has been spending time with her. He totally distant n cold with me. I just don’t understand if he can be like this with me why wasn’t he this way with her in the beginning. I know my anger pushed him away but I had a reason to be really upset.
Please don’t be mean. Why did he chose her?
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