Difference between casual dating vs. taking it slow?

What is the difference?

this is my circumstance- been seeing someone for 6 months everything is perfect.

he's bought me a necklace, boots, nightgowns among other things and does a lot of things for me like fix things.

He either calls or texts almost every day and asks about my day and says sweet things to me.

Hes asked if I've told my family about him and voluntarilly said he wanted to meet them.

Talks about the future a lot with me.

tells me I'm wonderful

BUT, after 6 months, we only see each other 2 times/week and we Haven't said what we are.

So is this casual dating or him taking it slow? He told me he isn't seeing other people.


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  • I think he is taking it slow. I also think its a good thing that you don't see each other so often during the week, so that both of you guys can develop feelings for one another and not be smothered in each others presence. However, do you guys hang out on the weekends? Do you have a set time table. Like Mondays at 5pm and Thursdays at 7pm? Have you met his friends and his family?

    • oh yeah I've met almost all of his friends and family. Yes we do the weekends, not on a timetable, he will call a day or so in advance and ask if I want to do something. I agree about the smothering part. I like my space and he likes his. I think its great to take it slow but didn't know if it was what he was doing or not. thank you

    • He is definitely serious about the relationship. When guys have set time tables during weekdays to meet you, it reeks of unfaithful husband. You know his friends and family... Yes. In reality you don't even need the talk. He is there for you and actions speak louder tan words.

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