How to deal with a guy who is a terrible texter?

So I'm dating this guy and we've been together since December. We are long distance due to university, so texting is our main form of talking. Sometimes we text everyday, and sometimes it takes him days to respond to me. (Sometimes it drive me crazy!).

Recently, he's been very stressed out and busy and he wasn't responding so I texted just to make sure he is alright. Then he tells me he 'cant wait to show me this' or 'wants to do this for a date' so he's clearly still interested in me.

Communication is very important to me, and I hate how he is a bad texter, especially with the distance.

How do you deal with a guy who just hates texting and always forgets to look at his phone? (He also saves texts as drafts instead of sending them by accident).

He tells me he feels bad that he is a bad texter, but how do you deal with a guy like that without feeling like you're going crazy waiting for him to respond?


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  • Why don't you pick up the phone and call him?

    You say communication is very important to you. But you're referring to any communication. Not quality communication.

    A texting relationship is pretty stupid way of maintaining a long distant relationship don't you think?


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  • If he's busy there's nothing he can do. The reason you feel like that is because your chasing that instant message high women get from texting their friends.

  • I think they used to call it a telephone, then it got dropped down to just "phone". Some will call it a cell. Try it, it really is an amazing piece of technology, you can actually "talk" & hear them. Or you can also try Skype.

    If he hates texting, or think it's as dumb as I do, you're lucky he even replies at all. And there is nothing more irritating then someone trying to make you text when you hate doing it.


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  • I also hate texting, if I need you THAT bad.. I'll call ya, otherwise.. who gives a shyt, right?

  • I call them.

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