Meaning of two dots and a smiley at the end of a text?

I sent a romantic text to this girl I like on V-Day and she answered with a text ending with ".. :)".

Usually she doesn't use dots at all so it's gotta mean something.

I talk to her from time to time (in person) and we've done stuff together. The reason why I texted her is that I'm quite sure she likes me as well.

What exactly does this mean? Is she annoyed or did she like it and wants me to continue texting as in open end?


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  • It means she has no words to say...but she is happy that you sent her that text.


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  • It's a smilie face. She's glad you contacted her and was happy to reply. It's a good thing. I do the same thing at the end of my posts, but I add a nose.