Should I start texting him again after 2 weeks of silence or is he out of my league? Please help me :)

I met a guy in a club and we hit it off straight away. He's 25, I'm 18. He added me on Facebook the same night, and I thought nothing of it. That's normal for me after that I've met someone, usually I don't really care as the guys tend to forget you after that night.

One week later this guy starts speaking to me and I gave him my number. We live about 40 minutes from each other.

We have a lot of fun when we text, we haven't spoken on the phone though! About one month after we started texting we met up and went partying together and had a blast. He wasn't too keen when other guys approached me and seemed a little protective, but that definitely doesn't disturb me!

The following day he was leaving for a skiing trip that was going to last about 2 weeks. Until about an hour before he got on the plane he was still texting me and we both agreed that we had to go out again sometime. Whilst abroad he didn't have internet access so I didn't expect to hear anything from him. Once he got back I heard absolutely nothing from him except him liking my new pictures on Facebook. I decided to be the one to start texting him and the response was positive. Now I haven't heard anything from him for 2 weeks... Except for again liking my new uploaded pictures on Facebook.

My confusion in all of this is first of all WHY do we only text during weekends or if we're going out partying? (I know he he's busy studying but one can take 5 minutes to send a small text right?)

So my question is, is he out of my league, age-wise? And why has he suddenly stopped texting.. is he waiting for me to text him first?

I'd love to keep him as a friend but as I know that because we have a stronger connection than just friends it'll be hard to just forget about him in a "romantic" way

I know myself well enough to say that before I'm able to move on and open myself to another guy I'll have to take care of this situation first...!

Please help.. If you want me to explain something else please let me know!


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  • You met a guy at the club. That's enough of a backstory right there. He's not interested in anything serious.


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  • Guys don't really care about the age thing and you're not far enough apart for it to be an issue.

    He's not texting you because he's busy banging other chicks, probably. If he's as good looking as you think he is then that's entirely within possibility. He is also in college where there are tons of college girls and we already know that he's the partying type that can get good looking girls like you.

    It may be hard for you to believe (maybe you don't want to believe it) but you have to use your brain on this one. All the signs are kinda there. He's not waiting for you to text first. Guys don't play that game.

    You can try and see where it goes, that's totally your choice. I'm just letting you know what's probably going on here.

  • He's not out of your league. You're really beautiful. You're at different points in your lives. You're entering university and (hopefully) he has a career. Meeting in a club usually doesn't lead to long lasting relationships. You can do better.

  • It kind of sounds like he isn't that interested if he isn't texting you. I guess you've tried and he doesn't respond well right? It's hard to know though. Maybe he's just busy or thinks you're out of his league? I think the only way to know these things is to be pretty upfront with them if you care enough. It doesn't seem like it's going well though.


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