How long should I wait until he asks me to be his girlfriend? Why hasn't he yet?

I met this guy three months ago on NYE, he went away to work for 6 weeks right after I met him. We emailed back and forth daily. When he got back he asked me to go out on a date we did, and went on lots since the 6 weeks he's been home. He texts me every single day, he's introduced me to his friends, he's even wanted me to meet his mom.Which I have twice, but was so awkward for me because i feel like im in limbo. We waited about three weeks to have sex he said he wanted to wait because he didn't want me to think he was just after that. He is purchasing a house and has wanted me to go look at them with him to help decide. He has called me his dream girl, and has even said " not to freak you out but i imagine one day you'll live with me so i want your input" and I was like " live with you.. im not even your gf!" and in another conversation i said i would help him paint one of the rooms since it was pink, and he said he would leave it because i have a daughter. After about three weeks, I was the one that had to bring up the exclusive talk with him witch is so not like me at all. He said he wanted to be exclusive and said its not the guy that has to bring it up all the time its ok for the girl too because its 50/50. When my friends introduce him as my bf I say oh he's not my bf just friends and he doesn't intervene. How much longer should I wait? Its been three months talking he was gone for gone for 6 weeks of them and home for 6 weeks. He got out of a relationship 5 months ago and me 4 months ago. I really highly doubt he is talking to anyone else either he let me use his phone when mine died and he went to the bathroom and stuff i didn't go through it but he obviously wouldn't have left me with it if he was chatting up other girls. He also doesn't think i just assume we are dating either because of the " im not even your gf comment"

When do I walk away? two months mark? Guys why wouldn't you ask a girl to be your gf if your doing all those things.
How long should I wait until he asks me to be his girlfriend? Why hasn't he yet?
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