My ex girlfriend sends me meaningless texts. Help?

Me and my ex girlfriend split up about a month and a bit ago. She decided it was over.

It was a long distance relationship and she felt things were moving too fast. She just wants to be friends she's telling me.

She's moving down to my area in 3 months.

Anyway... Every week or so she'll just drop me a meaningless pointless text.

Eg the latest one is... Darren Fletcher has the same illness as me. Lol.

That's it, that's all she'll say. So anyone got an ideas what the point of these texts are?

Thoughts would be great.

She was the one that dumped me so you would of thought she wouldn't want to text me.

She's sent me another 24hrs later. I didn't reply to the first one, should I make convo in this one?


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  • Sounds like she's lettin you know she's still there.

    Maybe you should see if her intentions are wanting to give you guys a shot... when she moves... that is, if you want that...


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  • probably doesn't have anything else to say to you, but wants you to know that she is still interested in you. If you don't want anything to do with her be honest and I am sure she will stop texting you.

    • Maybe she's just doing it to string me along. Keep me at arms length so to speak so if there is nothing out there she wants to have me as a back up? If she's still interested sure she would just say like a grown up. :-\

  • She is your EX why not simply block her?


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