Why does my ex girlfriend text me everyday?

we had dated for 3 months and she broke up with me because i was mean to her and hurt to her.( i never cheated on her) After 3 days, i sent a message on Facebook. she told to me that she's so hard to trust me from everything happened so she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. But it can change in the future. And also, she said : she was glad to talk with me. after a few day, she wanted to Skype with me so we did and she told me she missed me a lot, she always has missed me. she always starts to talking to me first. she asked me that can we hang out when she has no work. i already said : i'm giving your space and i'm waiting your answer. Is she trying to be friends with me or trying to get me back slowly? because she has a friend who was her ex. I'm so confused now.. i always try to stop texting to her ( like, Focus on homework or work! bye~). but she always says we can still talk !! why does she want to talk to me? does it mean she doesn't want to lose me or she wants to be friend?
Why does my ex girlfriend text me everyday?
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