Why is my ex girlfriend texting me!? FEMALE HELP PLEASE!

We have been broken up for about 8 months. We dated for 7 months and saw each other every day and loved each other very much. Talked about having children and traveling together. I took her on a dinner cruise for her b day and bought her a diamond necklace. And wrote her a card telling her how special she was to me. I love her still, but I know there's no way I can take her back. She broke up with me saying its not you its me. I need to do this for me. I have to get things straight. She texted me that she couldn't love me because she loved her ex and we were puppy love.

Then 2 weeks later she's with her ex, dumps him in a month and is with this new guy. This new guy used to text her when we were together. Anyways she is still with him. He is one of those d bags that wears the affliction shirts and a hat always. I tried to get back with her in November telling her I still love her and my feelings. She said the timings not right and that I shouldn't wait for her. So I told her to leave me alone totally and she's not the girl I thought she was. About two months later she texts me saying one of her cousins is preggo or whatever. Totally random why do I care. So we text a little. Then another 3 weeks go by and another text from her asking what I was up to on a Friday night. Then another 3 weeks go bye and she texts me to ask me what times church. I am so confused.

Please people help me out. Why is she contacting me? Does she miss me? Is she just trying to torture me a little more? What is she thinking and what is she thinking about me? Her contacting me again is bringing back all the old pain I felt when the breakup was new.


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  • I think she is trying to keep you at arms length so she knows you are still there if she decides she wants you again, hence the texts. Women like to keep a bunch of guys around them who they know want them because it helps their self-esteem. Don't let her put you in that box.

    She probably isn't sure what she has right now is what she wants. She was right to break up with you because it sounded like she was and is at a point in her life where she is just not sure and needs to date around. I think that is healthy to do because dating people will show you what you do and don't want in a person and will make you ready for that right one when they finally come along. At least she was stand up enough to tell you and not lie and see someone else behind your back.

    If it hurts you when she texts you, maybe you should just block her number. Or tell her please don't text me. Is the contact keeping you from moving on? If she really wanted you she would dump that guy and come back to you. She isn't doing that, so don't let her texts create those thoughts or hopes in you. The main thing here is what do YOU need to move on. Forget about what she wants or how she feels. This is about you. Block her number. Tell her not to text you. Don't respond. Do whatever it takes, but let go of any hope you have for her to feel about you the way you feel about her. If she wants you, let her come to you and tell you so directly without playing games. That's what she would want from you and that's what you deserve from her, or any woman who wants to be with you.


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  • I think she's missing you but knows she can't be with you anymore. She's testing the waters, trying to heal herself. I broke up with sum1 recently because of trust problems. I was going through a lot of stuff like finding out about my real dad and what he did to me when I was 1-3 years old. She needs you, but is trying to heal and knows she can't ignore her feelings for you forever.


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  • She basically wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to keep tabs on you, and maybe be "friends", don't fall for any of this. She might miss you, but why doesn that matter? She dumped you for her ex, and now she wants you to "help her to shore" to ease her discomfort. This happens a lot to people. End all contact, have more self respect, move on.


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