Mixed signals from a one night stand that possibly turned into something more afterwards?

I had a drunk one night stand with this guy from a frat I go to often. We were kinda friends before it happened, but in the morning we ended up liking each other more than a typical ONS. It was really comfortable like we had been dating for a while. He actually lives in my hometown. He dropped me off & kissed me goodbye & said he would text me later this week. Doesn't text me until Friday . So I'm thinking its for booty for that night. But he says he's going home for the weekend thinking I'm going to his college, but I actually was going home too. We end up texting 24/7 all weekend & made plans to hangout, but never comes through because he got caught up hanging out with his brothers. Sunday tells me he'll be home next 2 weekends & I tell him I'll be home next weekend. And he says hopefully I'll see you then! Convo ends later that night and haven't heard from him since. So do I wait for him to text me again or text him later in the week & make official plans with him?


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  • I wouldn't pursue him if I were you. Since you did have one good night stand with him and then he texted you, I'd keep letting him text you first before texting him back. Keep yourself a little scarce. That always makes you worth more as a girl. You need to let him pursue you if you want anything good to come out of your relationship. Once you have a relationship going then of course who texts the other first makes no difference. Always remember that scarcity adds value but easy availability does not. He'll think more of you if he has to pursue you at least to some degree. So yes, I'd wait for him to text you again before pursuing him more unless you're more interested in the sex part than you are a possible relationship. I hope this works favorable for you because you seem to like him. Good luck!


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