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+1 y

Are you the shortest user on GaG?

No, in fact I'm probably one of the taller female users of the app. I know there are a few taller, but not by much. Other

+1 y

Stereotypes/assumptions people make based on your appearance? What's the most common assumption among them?

On here I have been asked if I was from several different countries in the middle east. Some are shocked to find out I work in technology and assume I do other stuff I guess. Offline they... Other

+1 y

Can you think of any laws that give the government the ability to make decisions about the male body?

Not that isn't applied equally across to women as well. Seems like they just like to come after women's rights to make choices for their body only. Society & Politics

+1 y

US Supreme Court Thinking About Overturning Roe Vs Wade. Are You In Support Of This Or Do You Oppose it?

What i find funny based on my other questions is how many guys whine that their rights are being violated and talk about how mra and mgtow are responses to feminism, but don't expect an even... Society & Politics

+1 y

Does anyone hate the NEW ASMR?

I dont like any form of ASMR. It drives me up the wall and actually irritates me and I never understood the appeal of it. Im sure it has to do with my sensitivity hearing, but yeah, it just... Family & Friends

+1 y

Ladies, does it concern you that men today are irritated by your lack of submmisiveness, you don't desire to cook and clean for me and serve him?

Nope because we don't live in a time where that is a requirement anymore. For those who want to love that life, more power to them, but last I checked men are just as capable of not being children... Girl's Behavior

+1 y

Why are women so horrified at abortion laws being over turned in a Christian nation?

This wasn't a country founded on Christianity. In fact they specifically listed it as creator so that it didn't just specify one God. Thats the whole reason we have religious freedoms and freedom... Religion & Spirituality

+1 y

Why do so many guys still apparently believe that pick-up lines actually work?

If it's legit funny and not cringy it could work for me. Anything that talks about my looks though is an instant turn off. Guy's Behavior

+1 y

Complete the following. "Abortion is... "?

A personal choice and something that religious zealots should have zero say in what another person does with their bodies. Society & Politics

+1 y

Do you have a character trait, that bothers people who know you?

I have a lot of anxiety and I go way above and beyond to get certain people to like me, but by far the one that can annoy people is my sense of humor. I use it to lighten moods, but also as a way... Family & Friends

+1 y

What's your favorite color?

I really love the color yellow. Other

+1 y

Can you ever truly love someone, If you don't love yourself?

Sure, I hate myself and I love others just fine. Relationships

+1 y

How does a lgbtq marriage work with non-binary people?

"Married couple" "Spouse" "Partner" Marriage & Weddings

+1 y

Do you think you will make a good parent? Why or why not?

I hope so or i have a lot to answer for over these past 9 and a half years. I mean so far they aren't dead which is a huge bonus. One broken bone between them but it happened at school on the... Family & Friends

+1 y

How many tattoos do you have if any?

None but I want to get one on my arm of a sunflower. Fashion & Beauty

+1 y

To the LGBTQ Community, Any Advice?

Thank you for sharing your story and its good to hear you have a supportive family! I'm incredibly sorry you didn't get to be the one to come out in your own way and it sounds like you are better... Relationships

+1 y

How to deal with panic attacks?

A mixture of taking CBD oil daily and when one comes on having my wife distract me from getting into my own head by just talking to me. Anything that can basically just keep you from focusing on... Health & Fitness

+1 y

Do you find it comical that the left is attacking Elon Musk?

And the right does it for their boogeyman and both sides are basically drones told what to say and do by their media masters. Nobody thinks for themselves really. They just like to pretend... Trending & News

+1 y

What Do Girls Think About Trans Men?

I have no problem with them at all and would date them if the circumstances were right. Dating

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