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What do you usually do on your lunch?

I either get away from the office for an hour to reset, or I work straight through with delivery. Depends on what I need to get done, and if I want to leave early on Friday or not. Other

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If you were dating someone who had a kid, at what stage would you refer to that kid as your kid/“my kid”?

Engagement probably would be the start of it, but really not fully until marriage. Family & Friends

4 d

If an evil racist did the following?

That sign would be considered unenforceable. In that situation since that restaurant provides "public accomodations" they could not refuse service based on race. They could call the police of... Society & Politics

4 d

Putin said that biden is better for russia why do you think putin, the one who invaded ukraine, prefers a democrat?

That statement (and most of Putin's statements about US politics) has little to do with what is actually better for Russia and everything to do with trying to sew division in US politics and... Society & Politics

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Do you keep any lights on in the house when you go to sleep?

Other than my son's night light and a night light in the bathroom closest to his room we have all of the lights off at night. Other

8 d

Is this true or false, if a man gets his woman roses 🌹🌹for valentines day he is cheating on her?

Well, I didn't get roses, and I haven't cheated, so... I guess my data points supports that theory? Valentine's Day

8 d

Did you ever unblock someone on social media/whatsapp?

I've had someone unblock me just to stalk me on social media and later block me again. Other

8 d

How often do you go to the carwash?

I got a subscription to a car wash near me. I get there maybe 3 times a month most of the year, but during spring melt and elm tree pollen and seed season I might get there 3 times a week. Other

9 d

February 14th is Lent Time, Is Anyone Doing any Sacrificing and Renewing For Forty Days?

Martin Luther didn't nail 95 Thesis to the cathedral door just for me to have to give up meat on Fridays centuries later. Religion & Spirituality

11 d

Anybody else annoyed with tik tok for removing the sound off your videos?

Music licensing should be irrevocable. Like musicians and labels can prevent any new use of their music, but any previously legally permitted use of it should be allowed to remain. Technology & Internet

11 d

Did anyone ever cooked and eat beef penis?

Not penis, but I have eaten beef testicle. Food & Beverage

13 d

Michigan school shooter's mother guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Should parents be held responsible for their child's actions?

This isn't being held responsible for her child's actions. It's being held responsible for providing a weapon and not securing the weapon properly. Those were her actions not her son's. Society & Politics

14 d

Did you do the dorm life or off campus?

I lived in dorms for two years, and then an on-campus apartment for a year. Senior year and grad school I lived off campus. Education & Career

14 d

Is following girls on instagram a big deal?

I follow some girls on Instagram, but they're friends and acquaintances and not bikini influencers. Just because the account belongs to a girl shouldn't be a red flag. Relationships

14 d

Would you date me knowing I'm trans?

Yeah. I'm pansexual, so I just like people, regardless of the gender or equipment. Dating

15 d

Coffee ☕ or tea 🍵?

Coffee. While I can appreciate tea occasionally, I'm much more of a coffee fan. Tea is more reserved for when I've got a headcold or I just want to warm up. Coffee is an everyday thing. Food & Beverage

15 d

Do you know how your parents met?

They met at a fraternity party at North Dakota State University, but didn't exchange numbers. Two days later they both were in the wedding party at the same wedding in the small town of Leroy, ND.... Family & Friends

15 d

How many of you were silver tooth kids?

Never had any crowns, but I do have one filling- but I'm not sure if it counts- the tooth came in with a pit already in it. Other

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