Some Reasons/Advantages of Going to College


Whether you agree or not or your experience was this or not, these are my reasons/advantages for why I think you should go to college.

1. When your relatives or friends ask you what you're doing after high school or doing now, when you say going to college, no one looks at you like you're some kind of failure or asks you to explain in detail why it is you aren't choosing to go to college.

2. Your parents will love to brag about you being in college (even if you aren't doing well, lol).

3. For most people, this is the first time you are able to live by yourself and/or just not have to deal with your parents all day long.

4. You can always (try) to use the fact that you need to study for some major exam as an excuse to get out of work on a Sunday.

5. You can always also use the "I need to study" excuse on your parents, friends, and relatives whether you really do or don't, to get out of doing whatever it is they want you to do.

6. You can take weird and interesting classes you can't believe are real.

7. Most people meet at least one lifelong friend in college.

8. Most people meet their future spouse in college.

9. College parties...

10. The after parties....

11. The after after parties...

12. Knowing that what you are doing is most likely increasing your earning potential in the future.

13. There are always groups of people up at 3am in the morning like its a normal day at 10 in the morning doing fun, weird, or interesting things.

14. Enjoying the benefits of a campus meal plan.

15. Getting discounts for everything with your college ID especially on food, attractions, your cell phone bill, computers, computer programs, and even on Amazon.

Some Reasons/Advantages of Going to College

16. Having...a college ID.

17. You can save on travel with college discounts and there are certain hotels for traveling students which are far cheaper then regular hotel fair.

18. Wearing pj's to class (at least once, just because you can).

19. Discount health insurance.

20. All night study cram sessions for finals that will become legendary.

21. Roomates: Either you'll love yours or you'll have some really great stories to tell.

22. College pranks and prank wars.

23. Finding your way, and being able to find and do something you are really passionate about.

24. Getting to know a professor that shares your passion for your educational field and inspires you, and even puts in a good word in a recommendation for you.

25. Not having to explain or justify to anyone why you just need to take this one day off this week.

26. Chilling out on the lawn in the quad.

27. Decorating your dorm room and hall.

28. Joining a great college club/union you love because you want to and enjoy it, rather than just doing it to put it on your application.

29. Meeting different people from across the country and world.

30. Graduating and walking away with a diploma you can use to find a good job.

Some Reasons/Advantages of Going to College

Some Reasons/Advantages of Going to College
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