Why I Dropped Out Of College


Why I dropped out of college.

As of next Tuesday, I no longer attend the University of Illinois, here's why:

I Went to College to learn skills that will benefit me in the future...not to become some part of a useless "Socialist/Marxist" movement- My intention when I first started attending class was to learn radiology, so that I can become an X-ray technician later on in life. It would be a great career to have and my aspiration, since I was little, was to work in the medical field. However, on campus, I was constantly being bullied by other students becuase I had no interest in the multitudes of marches and political demonstrations that they partook in EVERYDAY. All I would do is respectfully decline any invitation to join movements I had no interest in and those same "classmates" would spread rumors about me and lo and behold a swastika would be painted on my dorm room's door the next morning.

Yes, it has gotten that bad. If you dare have a point of view that differs from the professors and their drones, you will be castigated against and socially ostracized with sadistic and zealous glee. Just remember, these are college kids, they will be our future teachers, business leaders (though capitalism is seen as an outright evil right now), social workers and politicians. Do you really think SAFE SPACES should have a plce in society?

I'll tell you all this right now, many of my ex-classmates are in for a RUDE awakening once they leave campus and join the real world. There are no safe spaces in the real world, their socialist-marxist ideals will collapse once reality sets in, and their liberal arts degree will only assure them a job at McDonalds flipping burgers for a living.

They need to realize that we're not all there to party or join the lastest hashtag driven social-political movement, some of us are actually there to learn. Those that are there to learn SHOULD NEVER be bullied and harassed and have their lives and safety threatened the way I've endured it, just becuase I didn't see the world as they see it. I fear that no colleges are safe from the madness right now, so I'm putting my dreams and aspirations on hold until the over-sensitive crybabies have either dropped out as well or graduated.

I guess I may be too harsh here, but I didn't go straight from high school to college, mommy and daddy didn't pay my way, I had a dose of the real world first, then plunged into the academic world.

Why I Dropped Out Of College
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