3 Reasons Why I Hate Applying to Colleges

3 Reasons Why I Hate Applying to Colleges

It's that time of year for high school seniors to apply and get accepted into college. For some people, like people with a 4.0 GPA, getting into college is easy, but for others, like myself, getting into college isn't just an easy stroll in the neighborhood. Here's why I hate colleges today.

1.) They are too competitive

3 Reasons Why I Hate Applying to Colleges

Colleges now a days are way to competitive and only select the best of the best. For people who don't have the best GPA (like myself, I have a 3.0 GPA), they get left in the dust and treated like they are not human. Only the best of the best get accepted into colleges now a days, which leaves us people, who are considered dumb by universities and societies today, to worry about what they are going to do after high school, because college can't be a choice. I know there are community colleges, but people don't go there for a variety of reasons. One being that attending community college will make you feel like a failure because everyone can get into them and because you got rejected by all of your other colleges. I don't want to go to community college because I would feel like a failure to myself, which is why people like me have to consider other options such as working at McDonalds or joining the military.

2.) Everything has to be perfect

3 Reasons Why I Hate Applying to Colleges

This kind of ties into point one, but in a little different way. What I mean by this is that colleges want everything to be turned in by a certain date and they have to be up to their standards in order for them to even take a glance at your application. So remember that bomb ass college essay you took months to prepare? Yeah, they won't even give two fucks about it if your grades aren't up to par.

3.) You can do as many activities as you want, but it all boils down to your grades

3 Reasons Why I Hate Applying to Colleges

You can be an active part of all different types of activities, but if you have a shit GPA, you won't get accepted. Kinda stupid if you ask me. Yes, colleges look at the activities you took while in high school, but that all goes out the window when they see your shitty GPA.

In conclusion, these colleges need to calm down a little bit. Every time I meet a person in school now they always say "Omg, I just got in to (insert amazing college here), did you get into any colleges?" and thus I reply "No, and frankly I don't give a shit because I tried and I failed, so now I have to figure out what I am going to do after high school." I was thinking of just adventuring off into the wilderness and living out there or just working at McDonalds for the rest of my life, even though I don't want to work there. I can't change anything about my grades or test scores now so I am kinda screwed and now I must find a way to continue my future or just go ghost and live in the wilderness.

3 Reasons Why I Hate Applying to Colleges
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Most Helpful Guy

  • oddwaffle
    It's not very intuitive but if I am hiring a new manager for a shoe company then I would prefer to know that he got enough brains for a decent grade rather than his mastery at the ski resort.

    Universities are the same. They wouldn't care less if you had 400hrs of DM experience in D&D. Your grades wouldn't matter that much but it's an indicator that you have at least tried and have enough abilities to keep up with the load.

    What you need to check aren't those elite universities but universities with the highest degree of economic mobility. What it means is you are looking for universities that turn poor or average wealth people into high earners. Universities that can change student's lives. The elite universities cater to the rich and very rich with only a small window for normal people.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    I mean, okay, sure, lots of schools are hyper-competitive.

    But... dude... DUDE
    In point no. 2, you are actually complaining about **the fact that deadlines exist** as though this were some unconscionably excessive imposition. Lolwut?
    Yes, deadlines are a thing (... and necessary, too. How *else* could this process possibly work?)
    No, "wanting everything to be turned in by a certain date" is not crazy perfectionism.

    Tbh the fact that you're complaining about such an ordinary (and necessary) thing makes it impossible to take *anything* in this take seriously -- even if the rest of it would otherwise have made some decent points.
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    • Anonymous

      What I meant by deadlines is that colleges want you to have a certain GPA and act score before a certain deadline. That's the stressful part

    • ok, well, the actual words you wrote were about "turning things in".

      Honestly, dude, I can think of about... *two* career tracks in which you pretty much HAVE to go to a high-ranking undergraduate school. Namely, investment banking and management consulting.
      If you are going to do just about *anything* else with yr life, then, in the long run, yr undergraduate school isn't gna matter worth a damn.

      Also, you shouldn't hate on community colleges / junior colleges. They're a perfectly viable way to complete the first 2 years of a university education with just about zero debt.
      ... and, if you really *are* in a situation where yr academic record is keeping you out of yr target schools, then going to community college would be an even BETTER decision -- since then you'd effectively get a completely fresh start (= you'd be able to transfer to a 4-year school without even submitting a high school transcript, or standardized tests, at all).

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  • nevermoregirl7
    If you go to a community college, it doesn't matter. And then all you need to do is do about 60 college hours sometimes with a 2.5 GPA. Bachelors is then super easy to get into. Even Masters programs are sometimes so desperate for students, they look over the 2.8 GPA. I actually did all of this. Yes, it's more time consuming, but still better than the whole SAT bs.
  • SilenceMeansPatience
    Depends so much where you apply and to what you apply. No motivation letters here, those are dumb in my opinion. I got accepted to study without entrance exam based on high school math finals grade. Applying process took me 15mins of my life after deciding what I'd like to study.

    But entrance exam is what matters the most for most degrees here. Nobody cares about your highschool grades unless they were really good
  • GraveTruth
    I hate college because they waste so much of your time to try to money grab students and 75% of people end up on getting a job related to all of the college they worked on. #collegeisascam
  • Dred1614returns
    Elite universities only accept the best. Nothing wrong with that. A 3.0 can get you further than you think.
  • Thrifty
    Apply to Harvard. Doesn't matter if you don't get in the first time. Keep trying. Good luck.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    Just go to community college.
  • Avalon2
    Community colleges are better than nothing.
  • Anonymous
    Dude--you NEED to get yourself into a college! Not only will it help you make more money in life, but you'll also learn a ton, and have a TON of fun. AND, if that's not enough, the ratio of girls to guys on your average campus now is getting close to 2 to 1! Those are some GREAT dating odds!
  • Anonymous
    the last one is right, clubs are waste of time
  • Anonymous
    I feel like a lot of this applies to interviewing and applying to jobs after college except the grades part (well depending on which field).