Life is a Game, Have the Right Cards.


Life is a Game, Have the Right Cards.

To be very honest, life is a game, and one must have the right cards to be a winner. Different situations in life demands different style of play. But one may ask, what are these cards, and how and where can one play them. Here are the Cards, each is unique and different from others:


Hard work











Now here is how the game is played, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, confused and do not know what to do. Be calm and look for the right card. For example if you are a student and you observed your grades are poor, you need to step up your game and play the card of hard work and dedication. For a great result you can combine more than one card. The same two cards ( hard work and dedication) can be played by those having difficulty at their job location.

I have read a lot of questions here bothering on relationships ending with "I don't know what to do". The cards that works well in relationships are: Love, communication, respect, courage, and honesty. You need love to stay in a relationship, and while in the relationship you need communication to put across your feelings, desires, wishes, etc. In addition you need to respect your spouse for the relationship to be smooth, and you need courage to say and stand by the truth always.

So what card can you play, if you have a difficult boss. You need the card of tolerance, respect no matter the situation, hard work. Let nothing put you off from giving your best, when you can deliver, people will look for you, even the very boss that seems difficult. So what situation are facing in life? Do you have the right cards, if you do not, go fetch them now, and play your cards well.

Life is a Game, Have the Right Cards.
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