Why I'm Considering Joining the Marine Infantry

Why I'm Considering Joining the Marine Infantry

For a while now, I have been considering joining the Marines, but I wasn't sure what job or field I would pick. I've talked to many active duty Marines and they said "if you don't join the infantry, then your a pussy who doesn't deserve respect." And my father, a former soldier in the National Guard, told me not to join infantry because they come home with missing limbs and PTSD. In this Take, I will explain why I am considering joining the infantry.

1.) I don't want to be a pussy anymore

All throughout high school (I'm 17 by the way) I have been called a weak pussy because I'm skinny and I am that nice guy who isn't very assertive. Because of all of that, it has been burned into my head that I am a pussy. I'm tired of having that mentality. I want to become a badass who kicks ass for his country. I want to prove to myself that I'm not a pussy by joining one of the most badass MOS's in the military, the infantry.

2.) I want to be proud of myself

I want to be proud of myself, but I can't do that working at an office job in the Marines. I would believe that all that work I have put in would end up for nothing.

3.) I want adventure

Why I'm Considering Joining the Marine Infantry

Ima be honest, I'm a pretty boring guy. My day consists of school, gym, and Call of Duty. I want to go out on an adventure and come back home and tell stories and attract women with these stories (getting girls isn't the main reason why I'm doing this, but it sure is a bonus) and have stories to tell my children later on

Well there you have it, three reasons why I'm considering joining the infantry. My hope is that I go into ROTC and become an infantry officer, but if not then I might just enlist. Thanks for reading guys!

Why I'm Considering Joining the Marine Infantry
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