Why I'm Joining the Marine Corps After High School


Why I'm Joining the Marine Corps After High School
Today I'm going to explain why I'm joining the marine corps after high school over college and the other military branches. These are reasons why I am going into the marines so you can then decide if you want to join too. So let's get into this

1. I've been getting bad grades and bad ACT scores.

I'm not very bright. I have a 2.9 GPA in high school and a composite score of 20 on the ACT. The only place I can get into with that is community college, which pretty much anyone can get into, but I don't want to do that at all. I wanted to go to a big college, but when I realized that that's never going to happen I decided to take a different route. The marine route.

2. I want to be away from civilian life

I'm simply tired of being a civilian. I don't want to have the chance of seeing the same people I see in high school (including friends. I don't want to see them either) and I want to go abroad and protect the people of the United States (which I'll talk about in a second). Being a civilian is boring to me and with the grades I have in high school I can't live the average joe's life and go to a big named college.

Why I'm Joining the Marine Corps After High School

3. I want to travel abroad.

In the marine corps, and any military really, you get to travel abroad for work. In the marines you will be aiding other countries that have recently had a disaster struck their way or going to a country to fight a war. I'm prepared to do both if it comes down to it.

4. War

War isn't something pleasant, but if it means protecting and serving my country I'm ready. The marine Corp is definitely not a branch you want to go into if you don't want to go into combat. Me personally, I don't care if I do go into combat no one is going to care if I die but my parents anyway, I know that's sad, but it's reality and two people aren't going to stop me from serving an entire country.

5. Pride

There's a certain amount of pride that you get once you complete boot camp and become a marine. It's the pride that says that you are no longer a citizen and that you are not a soilder, but a marine. It would be an honor for me to become a United States marine and I would be proud of myself for becoming one.

So the marine corps weren't my first choice for my future, but now it is. I'm currently preparing myself for boot camp by increasing my endurance and becoming stronger and bigger. Feel free to comment whatever. Agree or disagree I don't care. Thanks for reading!

Why I'm Joining the Marine Corps After High School
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