Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...


Universities?? Which one should I choose?!

What career should I choose, for that matter??

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

Okay, so here's the thing. We've all had that moment of desperation where we feel like NOTHING is working out and we'll achieve nothing EVER!..But it's NOT true. They truth is that, you a "pep talk" and I am here to give it to you but not only giving that, I'll also give you some advices to help you decide! (See, I'm a catch. Hahaha)

Lets start from the very beginning. Take a piece of paper (Right now for better results) and a pen or pencil. I want you to write the following down but remember to take your time and really think about these things. When I tried this for the very first time, I felt so anxious and desperate that I didn't really that my time for it and gave it up (Big Mistake). The next time I tried, I actually decided to take my time, read through it and analyze myself but when I was done, I feel "weird" because I had giving it so much thought and this "list" narrow so many of my opinions and I couldn't even believe that I was FINALLY DONE! All those years of overthinking were all, well...Not worth it cause my future was dictated by was written down on that paper, everything felt so "official".

Anyways, I'm telling you this because I know the process is very overwhelming and I don't want you making the same mistakes I did.

Let's get down to business!

First thing's first - No Quitting, you can do this if you try. It''s easy, practical and come on..FUN! (Unsuccessfully, trying to break the ice with the "fun" part...Don't be mad at the writer, hahaha)

1. After you have your piece of paper, take a deep breath.

Remember, there's no "wrong" or "right" answer. This is about you and your decisions, besides, it's not official and you can change your mind at anytime.

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

2. I want you to write your skills.

What are you good at? This is very important because it gives you an idea of what you could be doing "realistically". Skills are very important trying to find a career because skills = efficiency. Please note that everybody is different and your piece of paper might be looking quite empty right now but don't despair, it's fine. Skills are things that you're good at, not what you like to do (They might be the same if you already figure it what skills you have that combine with your passion but if you haven't try to make sure you're not confusing "skills" with "passion"). Think about it carefully, don't try pressuring yourself and make sure to have at least three skills written down. It doesn't matter if they sound a bit silly and useless. If they are skills, they are skills (Just try and stay realistic)

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

3. Now, try writing things you like to do.

This could actually be easier than the first one because even though you might not know what your "passion" is, you might know the things you enjoy doing. Don't limit yourself, the possibilities are quite infinite. What do you like doing? If you could do one thing for free every day, what would it be? What things are you thinking about right now, after reading those questions? Maybe those questions could give you an idea or two. Remember that this is to try and get to know yourself so, there's really no pressure right now and I repeat, there's no "right" or "wrong" answer, only things that could describe yourself. Trying having at least two or three things for better results.

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

4. As you can see, you're finally getting YOU.

A few more simple steps and you will be on your way to choosing the best career option for you! Okay, so now I want you to write down your five main career (exactly) options. This might be easy or hard if you don't even have a clue. Just think of five careers that your interested on and that you "kinda" like.

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

5. So far we have: skills, interest, careers. GREAT START!

I mean, I know this is hard and quite complicated perhaps, but entirely worth it!

This part is completely opcional. Write down a few universities you might be interested on. This is not really a "mandatory" thing so don't have any on mind but if you want to have some written down, feel free to search for a few, maybe get some that might include some of the careers you wrote down in the step before (aka step #4) or maybe a location in which you might like be to in. These are factors that will probably lead in you in the right direction.

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

6. So now, you have your list. Congrats!!

You're doing great so far and well, I hope you're having fun cause this is quite helpful. I recommend you take this short test that could help you find out things about your personality, .It's a very short test, it's completely FREE and it even shows you career options for your personality type. It's pretty simple and it also helps you figure out "stuff" about yourself, you know? (Btw, if you did the test, please leave a comment below with your code, I'm super curious to know!)

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

7. Realize what are your limitations to each career option.

What things would stop you from achieving that career? Or what "things" have to be in "order", for you to be able to achieve your goals? WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITATIONS, HUMAN?! (Hahaha...I hope you didn't read that in a sadistic tone...Cause I didn't mean it like that. It was more a fun...comment? Okay okay, whatever ;D)

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

8. So there's the deal breaker, right now, right here...

You have to eliminate two career options you choose in step #4! Just eliminate two that don't sound very appealing or that seem to be your "last options". This might be very VERY hard but its worth it.

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

9. Finally, you have all your skills, interests, three main #career options, possible #universities (optional), your limitations and if you did the test, other facts about yourself.

What do you think of your list? Everything after this is up to you and only you. I can't guide you through the rest because of the different people reading this. I mean, everyone has a different path to take in life but if you made that list correctly and you'll looking at it, you'll start noticing which things are more likely to be the ones you really want to do and start narrowing your options. Hey, I know it's hard and overwhelming, just try to focus on what you feel happy doing and try not to have those "Panic Attacks" or "Break Downs" that really mess with you and makes you overthink and worry even more.

You can do this, all you have to do, is find your right inspiration to help you pursuit that #passion of your and stay focus. Find #goals and "keep your head in the game"!

Good Luck, Human ;)

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...

Struggling With Your Career Decisions? Read This...
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  • John_Doesnt
    I've decided to be a computer programmer or caterpillar when I grow up.
    • Anonymous

      Hahaha, Good Luck then!
      I mean, "computer programmer" sounds pretty realistic but if you want to be a caterpillar, go ahead! :) I guess if you really try, you might be able to invent something very important in the future :D Just follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose in life! Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Anonymous
    Thanks for your advice, i already chose it n followed the same steps along the process
    • Anonymous

      That's awesome! :)