3 Career Paths You Might Want to Think Twice About


I want to make a myTake about careers; well, to my knowledge I haven't see a lot of myTakes on this topic. I wanted to make this because I"m tired of people spreading bullcrap about career choices to young people. So this is mostly about certain careers where you're kinda being lied to.....a lot in north America.

1. Nurses

3 Career Paths You Might Want to Think Twice About
I think its great if you want to be a nurse and if you really want to be a nurse go follow your dreams, your choice. But I hate that people just don't speak the beans about nurses. For one, yes healthcare will always need people in this industry. But no one is bringing up on how hospitals are laying off nurses or refusing to hire more nurses when clearly they need to hire more. Now I know this for a fact in Canada since my aunt is becoming a nurse and her area. They laid off a bunch of nurses to cut costs. I just hate how no one mentions, hey it's possible you might find it hard to get a job in nursing since now all the government want to do is cut back and lay off people so they don't have to pay a lot of nurses.

Even though nurses are so fucking useful! Sure you can find work in other places in nursing but like what if you can't even find a job there? Hospitals are the biggest employment places and if they are not hiring people..... maybe you should really think about not going into nursing. Especially if you're not excited about health sciences in the first place and your parents are forcing you into it. Plus the biggest factor is the burn out and overworking the health force is becoming a issue you really need to think if you can adapt this into your life for years to come.


I get it, a lot of people want to be able to brag that their kid is a lawyer to a friend they really don't like or to their siblings or what not. Reality is too good to be true. Lawyers are having a shitty time finding work. If it isn't obvious, there are many lawyers out there anyway so yeah there a reason why its hard to find a job. Even Harvard grads are having a hard time finding work. Just because you got into the #1 school for law doesn't mean you get a job. Plus, it's really hard and competitive, if you still want law but you can't compete with others or can't get the marks you need, paralegal is a perfect option. My sister friend is a paralegal and she living the life and she very glad she gone into and she was able to find a job right away as well.

3 Career Paths You Might Want to Think Twice About


i haven't heard a lot of people wanted to be a architect but those of you who do. Just so you know it was recently listed as being super hard to find a damn job in it. So yeah its extremely hard and plus you competing to get in the top programs for this...for what? Just for debt and degree that would 99% not help you get a damn job since the career pool is limited at the moment.

I might make another one and I'm not a expert on this but seriously do your own research and do you. But just keep in mind reality for your future career planning.

3 Career Paths You Might Want to Think Twice About
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