How To Find Your Passion


Even though I've recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in computare science, I don't know if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, so last week I went to a workshop about finding your passion to help you decide what job/industry will suit you. This take is about what we did/learnt during the workshop.

1. Self-Assessment

- Interests

- Values

- Motivators

Figure out what your interests, values and motivators are. Try to write 12-15 for all three of them, bit try not to choose much more than 15, and be as honest as you can with them.

Try to separate them into four sections; work environment/culture, work style, personal/work life management and job/role identity.

Now you need to figure out what skills you'd prefer to use during your future job are by using the same method.

2. World of Work

- Jobs

- Industries

In your 'fantacy' world what jobs would you want/have. First, think about what industries appeal to you the most, then narrow it down to specific jobs. Write them all down, there's no limit to how many you can add, and keep adding to the list as you think of more.

How To Find Your Passion

3. Research

- Job Opportunities

- Compatancies

- Organizations

- Locations

- Further Education/Training

The research and reality checking sections are probably the most important parts because they help you gain a better understanding of what your favoured jobs/industries are actually like, where most of the job opportunities are located, and whether or not you need any further training.

So, to help you research:

1) Look up job descriptions on the internet, even sites from other countries can be useful because they can give you a broader perspective:

Hypothetical Jobs:

Real Job Market:

Google: :D

2) Write a list of 10 organisations in your area, or an area you wouldn't mind moving to, that employ those jobs of interest

3) Research the following about each company/organization:

a. Look at the company website

b. Look at company's LinkedIn landing page

c. Write down names of people who work there

d. Use your own LinkedIn account to see who you are connected to who is connected to people in those companies

e. Size of the company - large, SME?

f. What projects do they do

g. Who are there customers/clients?

h. Locations

i. Have they ever been written about in the press? - i.e. national papers, news websites/apps, etc

How To Find Your Passion

4. Reality Check

- Talk to People

- Internships/Volunteer

- Shadowing/Site Visit

- Club/Association

Join a club associated with the job you want to get. Find people you know work in the jobs you're interested in. Talk to them about their job, ask them if you can volunteer, shadow them, or do an internship where they work.

How To Find Your Passion
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