My Search For A Talent, A Passion, And A Future.


Ever since I could remember, I've been searching for a talent, a passion, something that I want to do for a living, but I could never seem to find that spark no matter how hard I've tried. And while I'm still searching for that special talent, here is what I've come up with.

My Search For A Talent, A Passion, And A Future.

At first when I was little I wanted to be a chef, I cooked egg sandwiches and other stuff for my family, but I quickly got over that and it just does not appeal to me.

Then I wanted to be a Major League Baseball player, I obviously can't do that because they don't allow girls (and I'm not exactly the best player either, I mean it's hard enough for guys, let alone a girl who is about average.).

Then I wanted to be a singer songwriter but let's face it, I can't sing for crap and the songs I write are mediocre at best. (My voice is complicated, it's very nasal and flat, it's high but also deep too and just unpleasant in my opinion, my sister and best friend say I sing good but I believe they are just sparing my feelings.)

After that I decided I wanted to do something with animals, maybe a vet, an animal rescuer, or an animal rehabilitator. I mean why not? I've always been amazing with animals, I've been called "The Animal Whisperer" many times by many people. I could train the untrainable, catch the uncatchable. Feral strays would walk up to me and boom I could tame them, it was crazy. But I can't be a vet, I would never be able to put animals down, not only that but I couldn't afford vet school, and my academic level.. Well I'm not even going to get into that. And as for animal rescuer/rehabilitator, well I could see that, but everything would be out of my pocket, I couldn't make a living off of that. So I stepped off of this idea.

Then I had the idea of being a therapist, because I've been known to people to give good advice and be very comforting and reassuring. But that idea was short-lived. I am super sensitive and just too unstable to support my own emotions, let alone the emotions of other people like me.

"Well what about an artist?" I thought. My drawing skills are terrible, I just don't have the natural talent to draw, it's not for me. While I could take lessons or something, I just don't feel like this is for me. Plus I don't already possess the natural talent to draw anyways, so why bother?

Maybe being an actress was for me?

I've had many people say I should be in drama. I just have the personality for it, and I like it, so why not? I was in a play for my church with my best friend. it was a Christmas play. I joined late so there weren't any parts left, they said they would write us some, but a few rehearsals past and they hadn't, so I suggested that I write it, and I did. We were donkeys/news reporters (and don't ask how that fit into a Christmas play, I made it work). Everyone LOVED it, we were complimented on how well we did and a few people even said we stole the show. And right now I am rehearsing for an oncoming play for "Alice in Wonderland" as "the Queen of Hearts". And soon I'm going to be auditioning for a role in my church's VBS drama (it's huge, we have around 5,000 kids go to the VBS). Now while I haven't completely scratched off this idea, and am currently pursuing it, I am not so sure how I may do this as a professional. I don't have the prettiest speaking voice either, not that it matters that much, but still it has some effect.

Im also currently interested in some kind of writing, as I like to read/write. I write poems, short stories, books (I had a few W.I.Ps), Songs (as I've mentioned before), and some other stuff.

Im still not completely sure what I want to do for a living, but I will deal with that when it comes. For now, I will just do what I like, and live my life.

Thank you for reading!

My Search For A Talent, A Passion, And A Future.
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