Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed


So, I have been unemployed for a little over a year now and I just thought that I would share some of the experiences that I have encountered and the MANY problems and discrepancies with job-hunting, employers and the job market in general.

1) "Falsely advertising" a job position.

Some reasons why the unemployed...are still unemployed.

Lately, I have found that many employers love doing this...especially if they have a high-turnover rate, or they have a hard time filling the position. Instead of providing a THOROUGH and CLEAR job description, they will sometimes only provide 3-4 bullet points. Then once you're on the job and not comfortable with certain aspects of the position, you can barely even refer back to the job description because there isn't one! Then it's as if they try to bait you to not leave when you are something COMPLETELY different from what you signed up for!

They sometimes only will provide qualifications, or ask "yes" and "no" questions. For example:

Knight Castor Consulting, Inc. *Why can't I find your company online?!*

Family owned and operated since 1899! *What exactly is this supposed to tell me?!*

$45,000 to $55,000 Annually *Really now??*

Are you hardworking? Driven? Determined? A new graduate? Looking for new opportunities? Knight Castor Consulting, Inc. may be for you!!!! We need who people are:

•Willing to work independently and within a team
•Trustworthy, honest and dependable
•Able to work in a fast paced, high energy environment
•Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
•Polite and friendly


2) Job benefits that aren't actually "benefits".

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed

It's perfectly normal to look into a company's benefits before you even consider applying for the company. Lots of company use their benefits as a prime selling point to attract new employees. However, when you list the most ridiculous benefits on your company website...It wards people away.

"Direct Deposit" is NOT a marketable benefit! Nearly every company does this! That's like saying: "One of the MANY benefits our company offers is a beautiful thing called a paycheck you receive every two weeks.. Isn't that just great??!" Paying me for the services I provide to your company is not a "benefit"...It's a REQUIREMENT.

"Free Lunches" or "Restaurant Discounts" is also NOT a marketable benefit. No, I will pass on the free soup and salad in the company cafeteria. I will also pass on the 5% percent discount at Chili's, thank you very much. These meager benefits will not persuade me to choose your company over the much more reasonable company.

Don't even get me started on companies that list "training" as a benefit.

3) Employers that hire the first person who applies.

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed

Nothing annoys me more than employers that just hire the first person they interview, instead of interviewing AT LEAST 10-15 candidates. I remember this one instance where I was scheduled for a phone interview and once the employer was on the phone, they told me: "I'm so disappointed Knight Castor, they just filled the position last night! However, we really liked you and wanted to keep you ON FILE.." Are you serious? You only posted the job to your company website YESTERDAY. More specifically, 12 HOURS AGO. When did you interview this OTHER candidate? 4 o'clock in the morning?!

4) Employers that ask inappropriate, or dumb questions during an interview.

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed

I remember this one interview I had where the supervisor didn't even ask me any questions regarding my skill set, experience, education or even situational questions! This is essentially how the interview went:

Hello, Knight Castor! I will give you a brief overview of the company, details of the position and then ask you some basic questions okay?

Me: Okay!

*After she gives me a brief overview of the company and details of the position...she then proceeds into the line of "questioning"*

So, were you hoping for full-time, or part-time?

Me: I am okay with both, but I would definitely prefer a full-time position.

Are you currently in school at the moment?

Me: No, not at the moment. I am currently on summer break, but I will be going back to college in the fall.

Are you currently employed? How will you balance college and a full-time job?

No. I'm not employed at the moment. When college reopens in the fall, I can always schedule my courses around my employment, or just take online courses.

Okay. If you're not employed...How are you paying your bills?

Me: Well...I currently live with my parents. Um...I have my own personal savings that I have accumulated over the years from past employments. I also get a little extra money from my student loan checks at the end of the spring and fall college semesters.

Okay, thank you! We are currently interviewing other candidates as well, but will be in contact if you're chosen. Thank you!

Me: Thank you! Have a good day.

In case you guys couldn't point out the stupid and inappropriate question...It was the one where she asked me how I pay my bills. I have never been so floored, unprepared and offended by a question in all my days of living. That's not something you ask a person in an interview! I know all of you probably have been asked much worse questions than this, but I just felt VERY offended by this question. Also, no...they did not contact me again.

5) Employers that take FOREVER and I mean FOREVER to start hiring candidates

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed

I think most of you know what I'm talking about here. I hope someone with some Human Resources background can shed some light on this, but until then...I will continue to complain about this. Have you ever noticed companies that have 300+ positions open..but, never seem to be actually hiring candidates? They never seem to stop posting openings...but, never fill them? Some of these positions are from last year...sometimes even two years ago.

Once you start applying for a position, you then realize...That you applied for that SAME position a YEAR ago?! You look at your past application and the job application status STILL says: "Received submission"..after a whole YEAR! You either have to know someone to get a seat in the interview chair, or be that one lucky individual who received a butt-dial from the human resources manager who doesn't seem to even exist at this company..

Well, this is all I have so far! I would love hear what people have to say on this topic! For people who actually care...Yes, I believe that I am close to finding a job! Thank God! Did I miss anything? In any case..Thanks for reading!

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed
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