Why some women should stay home!


I am writing this myTake because I need to get all my thoughts out before I explode.
It all started over the course of last year. I have been working at my current job now for almost 3 years and I love it.

The atmosphere was the most amazing part.
Recently we had to hire a couple new people due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.
At first everything was going great, the new girls seemed to hold a lot of promise and they spoke highly of our practice and talked about personal growth and development.
Now the office manager holds me in rather high regards as I am always willing to work on myself or any task at hand if need be. So when it came time to have the annual performance review for new hires, both the doctor and the office manager asked me if I had any input. At the time everything seemed to be working out and I didn't have anything to critique.
But as time went on I began to see that one girl in particular seemed to think that since she had her performance review she could do and say anything she pleased.
First it was talking badly about our patients in their hearing, which personally I found to be rather unprofessional. Then she started swearing and complaining about having search for their insurance if they forgot their card.

Now she doesn't have the most finesse when it comes to telling people they're wrong about something and naturally that doesn't go over very well. Especially since our patients have been coming to us for years and are used to a certain standard of care.
Then she started complaining because she was bored and didn't think she had enough work to do, now that wasn't exactly the case. Our office manager had put me in charge of training her as I had been there for quite some time and had trained the other girls who joined before her. I would explain things to here countless times and instead of taking note of it and doing it so she'd remember next time she would just say ''oh I don't know how to do this'' or ''this is too hard'' or even ''why don't you just do it?'' as she slammed the papers or whatever it was down in front of me. I continued to bite my tongue and either try and show her or do it myself because it needed to be done.

Then she started slamming the phone down whenever she got into an argument due to her distasteful personality and then swearing in front of other patients who were checking out.
Then she began coming to work early, clocking in and then sitting down to eat breakfast all while ignoring the phone, she even had the nerve to complain about the patients calling. I thought ''aren't we open? Why can't she just answer the phone? Then she started complaining about the way the doctor runs the practise because he likes being busy. She started taking control of everything and telling me not to book patients or to leave gaps open because the doctor doesn't want it booked. When I ask if something had been done I'm usually met with ''oh I was busy helping out back'' as she scrolls through Facebook.

It got so bad that the doctor came to me to ask why his morning was so empty. I told him what she told me and apparently none of it was true. I was kind of upset because I was an idiot for even thinking that he would say something like that. Then she started telling the other assistants that the doctor was stupid for wanting his schedule booked or certain appointments to be booked with specialist instead of with him. I was shocked at the blatant disregard for his expertise. Then moments later she was smiling and agreeing with him and blaming everyone else for what was going on.

She also constantly switches patients between doctors instead of keeping them with the doctor they always see. And not many patients like that.
The atmosphere of the office became extremely tense and it was hard to talk to her about anything because it only resulted in her becoming hostile. Then one glorious day she got Covid.

She came to work sick and began to feel worse throughout the day, I as well as others told her to go home but she insisted she stay. Finally she felt so bad she had to leave. She went to the pharmacy and got two rapid test that she claims were negative but she lies so much I'm not certain she was telling the truth. Then she came back the next day because she is vaccinated and didn't feel the need to quarantine. But the doctor heard her coughing and sneezing and sent her to get another Covid test which came back positive. Now you would think she at least kept to herself during that time but no, she went around to everyone talking about how bad she felt and how terrible she would feel if anyone else got it.
Now normally I would have been sympathetic but I was overjoyed. Finally peace would be restored while she was home but of course she got better within a few days and returned to work and of course she had the audacity to be upset with the doctor because she was sent home. Even though she claimed she would feel so bad if anyone else got sick. Well she spread Covid to half the office even though everyone has their boosters. Thankfully they stayed home and not everyone got it.

And God forbid anyone say that she spread Covid in the office.
Even though that was the case because almost all our patients are vaccinated and they wear masks and they get their boosters and they reschedule if they're sick. Not to mention the fact that she wasn't wearing a mask the whole entire time. Of course she got angry with the doctor because he had also gotten sick as well. She decided it would be a good idea to raise her voice and yell. Of course since she already is rather rowdy and she gets even louder when she's upset another patient heard. I was embarrassed I don't know what to say.
She's always coming to work talking about how she isn't cut out to do house work which is fine but it seems she isn't cut out to do office work either.
I don't mean to sound sexist, however, if you want to be a manipulative liar who doesn't want to work you should stay home.
It's women like this that I can't stand. And it's a lot to handle.
Anyways thanks for listening and even reading to the end. I feel a whole lot better now.

Why some women should stay home!

GAG told me to vent but I was going to anyway lol

Why some women should stay home!
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