Dear Feminists, There Is Nothing Wrong With Being A Stay-At-Home Mother


Dear Feminists, There Is Nothing Wrong With Being A Stay At Home Mother
As a woman who was raised in the 90s in a very "progressive" environment, I have always been told that I must be a career-woman. Women who chose to stay at home with their children were seen as "lesser". For many years I did what I was told - I worked hard, I did well in school, I went to college. My only focus in life was my career. The problem was that I didn't feel this was actually what I wanted. I felt as though I had been forced down a path without even being give a choice.

When I turned 22 I met an amazing guy and we fell for one another almost instantly. After we had been together for a few months or so, he asked me if I ever wanted to have children. I gave the same line that any of my friends would had given: "no, I don't want kids, I want to focus on my career." But later that night, for the first time in my life, I thought about it much more deeply. The thought of having children is scary but for the first time I realized that I did want kids. I've always loved kids, and loved caring for kids - that's why I wanted to be a doctor. However, everyone had been pushing me so virulently towards my career that I hadn't properly thought about it.

Dear Feminists, There Is Nothing Wrong With Being A Stay-At-Home Mother

After I finished college, we decided to have a child. Our daughter was born two years ago last week. I had planned on going to medical school while she was still young but after she was born, I fell in love with her. She instantly became my whole world; a little person that I loved more than anything. How could I get up every morning and leave her? My husband, to our benefit, is much more capable at compartmentalizing than myself, so he able to go off to work each morning to ensure that we have enough money to survive. I couldn't do that, I loved her too much, and in the end I decided to become a stay at home mother. I was condemned by my "progressive" friends with whom I quickly fell out of favor. They turned their noses up at me for daring go against the trend of being a career-woman. I also received a lot of pejorative and sarcastic comments from old friends that I hadn't talked to in years.

Of course, it needs to be mentioned that not all progressive feminists have a problem with stay-at-home mothers. However, it must also be mentioned that in my experience the only people who have ever made negative or pejorative comments with regard to being a stay-at-home mother are feminists. This can't be ignored.

We all want equal rights for women, there is no question there. However, we need to be careful not to alienate the women who genuinely want traditionally feminine jobs (such as being a stay-at-home mother). Our daughter is 2 years old now, so I have met a lot of stay-at-home mothers and the majority of them have had very similar experiences. The simple act of wanting to spend time with and love your children is somehow, in the eye of a lot of progressive feminists, worthy of ostracization. These criticisms are largely irrelevant to us because we love our children and we love that we are able to care for them whenever they need it. However, it does matter to the young women who are being coerced into a career when they may well be much happier as mothers.

Personally, I think we should be trying to maximize personal freedom for women. We should be giving women the freedom to do whatever they want, not forcing or coercing them to do certain things because it makes the numbers look more "equal". Forcing women to do what people believed was the "right thing" is the reason we were confined to the home in the first place. Lets not make the same mistake by confining women to the workplace, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a stay at home mother.

Dear Feminists, There Is Nothing Wrong With Being A Stay-At-Home Mother
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  • JohnDoe3000
    "The simple act of wanting to spend time with and love your children is somehow, in the eye of a lot of progressive feminists, worthy of ostracization."

    I think you haven't fully thought this through... I mean I'm sure the father of your children also wants to spend time with them and misses them when he's at work. For some reason you think it's completely logical for you to stay at home, fulltime, while the father works fulltime, only because you feel like spending time with your children, sounds a bit princessy to me... (especially considering all those working mothers and fathers who have no choice.) Also, what happens when your marriage/relationship ends and you have no career prospects (and wouldn't even have had an education had you not listened to "feminists who told you to plan for a career": you can always switch from a career to being a homemaker, the other way around is not so easy, so guess which path is smartest to choose when you're young)? This is what (mainstream) feminists mean when they say you should maybe think twice about just giving in to your impulses to stay with your children all day.

    P. S. I may be biased because I want more women to become career women for my own selfish reasons: I'm attracted to independent, ambitious women and fully believe I would be bored to death if I ever got stuck with a stay-at-home mother...
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    • Heera

      I totally agree. Both parents should raise the child not only the one staying at home and both parents deserve the same amount of time with their child. It's just interesting that so many men complain about women needing money from them then the same men complain about women being independent.
      At the end of the day people should choose what suits them anyway without trying to please others. You can't blame feminism because you didn't take the right choice for you earlier, this is why I find this myTake pretty stupid, and I'm not even a feminist

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  • lumos
    I'm a feminist. I only believe being a stay at home mom is wrong if you're forced into doing it by your family/husband/society. All of the feminists I personally know are for free choice, i. e. you're free to choose to stay at home or go to work as long as it's *your* choice, not anyone else's.
    Feminists who are against stay at home moms just because, are very backwards thinking people.
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    • Heera

      You made good points, such a shame all the downvoters stopped reading at "I'm a feminist", but well, they're all supressed men I guess. Poor them

    • lumos

      @Heera I don't care. Thankfully men like that are a bit harder to come by in real life, where I live.

    • Peskyn3gr0

      Exactly, these idiots on this website don't get that. To the them, feminism is the root of all evil.

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  • Mesonfielde
    Being a stay at home mother is only a problem because it's an issue for the shared resource pool / wallet, as in she has no income of her own

    Other than that sure whatever go ahead if you can afford it

    Being a stay-at-home mom is a luxury.
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  • AriadneSky
    stay at hoe moms are not respected bc child care is not respected bc its not considered a male domain.

    men who are stay at home dads are looked at as even lesser 'less ' than women. bc staying at home and working to keep a family healthy an strong is not respected bc its not considered a manly job.

    This has NOTHING to do with feminism. Stay at home Moms were not respected before feminism. Thats why Men never did.

    Men do sty home now.. Not as much as Women , but much more than before feminism.

    The only political issue with Women staying at home is when its not their choice but a role they get stuck in by default bc the guy doesn't feel like it bc he's too 'important ' or can't be bothered or thinks its a girl thing, and / or bc there are not social programs to support working parents. In the united states anyhow.

    Feminism has no problem with Moms taking care of kids. The problem is when her doing it is taken for granted.
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    • AriadneSky

      there s also a problem regardless of your sex that stay at home parents often become detached from society. they can become very isolated... which will keep them even more de politicized than the average citizen.

    • AriadneSky

      I doubt the people shaming you wold _not_ shame a guy or making the same decision.. people who think through shame dont respect other people.

    • Anonymous

      "Feminism has no problem with Moms taking care of kids. The problem is when her doing it is taken for granted."

      Oxymoron. Feminists degrade "traditionally female" jobs more than anyone.

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  • Prilee1992
    Look at your grandpa grandma's marriage. Why the divorce rate was so low back then? because the man was in full charge of the family; and the woman fully submitted to him. This is how it works

    Men, we're simple. We just want someone who cook nicely, washes our pants, when we come back home gives us hugs, kisses, and occasionally blowjob if you don't feel want to have sex. That's all! Be a good wife.
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    • Or maybe it was because divorce was looked down upon back then? Divorce rate was definitely lower but there are quite possibly some lurking variables there that you aren't accounting for.

    • lumos

      @idkwtftoputhere is correct, the divorce rates were low because it was frowned upon back then. Also because societies were less secular too, people took marriage a lot more seriously back then because more people were very religious.
      The divorce rates spiked in the 80's and 90's, and has been going down since.
      I also think it's pretty silly to assume that marriages were good just because the divorce rate was lower. Lots of people were suffering in their marriages but simply couldn't divorce because of the consequences they'd have to face.
      "Why the divorce rate was so low back then? because the man was in full charge of the family"
      Suuuure... because nothing bad has ever happened when a man was in charge? Give me a break lol.
      You say you're simple and then have all these demands for what a woman should do. What do you do for her, exactly?

    • Don't listen to them, there's nothing wrong with what you've stated.

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  • DaniaMQ
    I honestly prefer being a stay-at-home wife/mother rather than a career woman. I would definitely work if I felt the need to do so. But if everything with my husbands' career was going great then I would much rather stay at home, clean the house and do those things and when I become a mother I would take care of my children and the house. Besides, I think the mother would take better care of her children if she's not always outside working. To spend more time with them.
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  • Accipiter
    The Rockefeller family created Feminism to annihalate the stay at home mom, by raising the cost of living for the middle class family in order to FORCE the wife to go out and find a job in order to pay taxes for a heavy socialistic society that relies on heavy taxes. They did this because it gets children in school much sooner. And the more time young children stay in school away from their parents, the more influence the state has over those young impressionable minds. The children are no longer raised by the parents, but they are instead raised by the state. This destroys the family structure and promotes statism. What better way to do it by propagating the minds of young women by telling them that being a stay at home mom does not contribute to society, and that she is nothing more than a slave to her husband (even though that can't be further from the truth).

    Raising your children the way you want to raise them is a very rewarding life experience. Don't let the state rob them of their innocence.
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    • Mrwoo99

      Finally someone has woken up to see the truth

    • FatherJack

      Correct Sir , they are also by marriage & female lineage an integral part of the House of Rothschild.

    • Mrwoo99

      @FatherJack this world is so corrupt. I knew feminism had dark intentions, the problem is feminism is becoming ingrained in to our society and culture like orthodox Islam is in Saudi abrabia.

  • dipta
    I don't think there's anything wrong with being a stay at home parent, just as long as the family works, but as long as they don't look down on parents who don't. We all have our own reasons.

    On a different note, it may sound strange when you say "I couldn't leave her because I love her too much". I mean, some people don't have a choice; it doesn't mean they love their children any less.
    Do what's best for your child, but don't forget to live your life as well.
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  • SovereignessofVamps
    sure... but I couldn't do it unless I worked still. part time at least or my own business. My kids need things for the future. And people usually do this because it's cheaper than daycare, not that I blame them. Daycare is unreal with how expensive it can be.
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  • PrincessofNohr
    I never understood why it was shamed for a woman to be a housewife. That's her choice. It's definitely not one I'd see myself making, but I'd never scorn a woman for wanting to be a stay at home mother.
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  • Luci92
    Eh, women can be stay at home mums if they like, but personally, I have too much energy not to work, and I find it really rewarding. After watching my mum leave the work force to become a stay at home mum, I don't think I'd ever want to become like her either.
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  • J1020
    I would like to make/have enough money to do some of my own projects with my future wife instead of us having different jobs or her having to stay home.
    Traveling toguether and including her in some things instead of having two completely separate lifes.
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  • Sophiaaaaaa
    What if your husband leaves you. Who will pay for you then? That's all I have to say. Girls should be encouraged to contribute to society, for the sake of their independence.
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    • AriadneSky

      taking care of kids IS contributing. if you're not caring for them someone else is. also basically someone else gets paid to care for your kids but you dot. then same problem with their kids. if we lived at a time whew pregnancy was inevitable AND women dont get paid for care taking then yes they are all slaves. having kids IS contribution one that should be paid. independence and motherhood should not be a conflict.

    • 3336PS

      agree with Sophia...
      women should have some asset to fall back on when the guy leaves...

    • @AriadneSky She already says she has a degree, so she obviously has the ability to acquire a job if she ever needs to. Raising your children properly is a contribution to society that is massively overlooked. Sending them to daycare and public schools is allowing strangers to teach your children life fundamentals that you can't control. As a parent, you should be the most influential person in your childs life, not a tv show, day care provider, or public school teacher.

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  • genericname85
    feminism never said it´s not ok to be a stay at home mom.
    feminism is about having the choice not to, not about talking you out of it, if that´s what you want.
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    • Kko123

      Thank you awesome grumpy cat person!! 👍🏻

    • OPBinYYC

      Actually, that is accurate in the 1st wave of feminism. Now however women are shamed for wanting traditionalist lifestyles. You have internet, please Google it before you make a statement.

    • @OPBinYYC people will always "shame" others for not being their opinion. that´s how it works.

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  • EllieLexis513
    I never thought feminists had a problem with being a stay at home mom, but rather with the fact that women used to have no choice. Now it's a choice.
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    • Laura_Marx

      its not really a choice. How many women can really afford to say at home? We often hear it said that "feminists won" the war of women in the workplce, but it's not really true. The people fighting for women in the workplace were only a very small sector of the feminist movement - an almost exclusively white, wealthy, heterosexual one - who's interests aligned with the common bourgeoisie. Doesn't it make more sense to say that feminism was recuperated? That what once was a serious challenge to capitalist labour relations has been reduced to a "struggle over hearts and minds?" Now women are not only expected to perform unpaid reproductive labour - childrearing, housework, emotional and sexual labour - but are also expected to perform waged productive work, too. Women's workload has been doubled. And as the wealthy women can choose between staying at home or hiring a maid, the poor women labour twice as long for next to nothing.

    • Laura_Marx

      this is why I always bring up Wages for Housework in these kinds of questions - not because I really believe in it (that battle ended 30 years ago), but because the idea is *totally unheard* of now. In the 70s and some of the 80s it was a major pillar of the feminist movement, and now it's been totally forgotten. The second wave was about getting women in the workplace and thats all, says the revisionist narrative. It was always about assimilating into the logic of capitalist labour relations. But it wasn't. It was always about disintegration, tearing the whole thing to pieces, separating from the regime, dissolving the social order... hmpfh!

    • @Laura_Marx Plenty of women can afford to be stay at home moms as long as they aren't looking to live a lavish lifestyle. You may not be living in a $300,000 house or driving a Jaguar, but it's definitely still possible. It just depends on what you want, but what you need? Yeah, women stay home all the time still. Of course, that's provided your married. But women back in the 30s, 40s, and 50s worked if they weren't married, so...

  • Laura_Marx
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  • teatea111
    It's not that there's anything wrong with a woman fulfilling traditional gender roles and being a stay-at-home mom but more like if a woman feels pressured by her family or society to become one that there's a problem that needs to be addressed. I'm a feminist and I have no problem with women who choose to be stay-at-home moms on their own accord but if they became one because they felt an obligation to because of their gender then that's when I think it's unfair.
  • Kylesar
    This is for those women who are saying that feminist have no problem with stay at home mothers

    For anyone saying these aren't really feminists or this isn't really feminism, I offer you 3 words: No True Scotsman
    • Laura_Marx

      oh goddd, that last one even cites fucking "Lean In", lmaooo. They are feminists, of course. But they're awful feminists!! oh god! fuckign lifbems

  • Hotsoup
    My sister-in- law got her PhD degree in computer science when she was pregnant with twins!!! She now works full time, takes care of her kids, cooks delicious meals and read them bed time stories before putting them to sleep. she is definitely more inspirational than a women whose only job is to change diapers and watch television all day.
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    • Clearly you still live with mommy and daddy and have no clue what its like living in the real world or surviving on your own and run a successful household if you think any mother without a PhD only is there to "change diapers and watch television all day".

    • Hotsoup

      @Rocket_Queen Any women without a career only is there to change diapers and watch television all day.

    • Hotsoup

      @Rocket_Queen My brother is a smart guy for not marrying a leech but an intelligent alpha female with a career and also a nurturing side.

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  • Rob-97
    I always thought that part of the feminist ideal is that women should be able to make all their own choices in life, not have to justify them to others and only be judged on their ability to do that job.

    Astronaut, CEO of a fortune 500 company, stripper, stay at home mum or anything in-between.

    I think its important to remember that the loudest person in a group is usually the dumbest and that they rarely represent the majority of people, which is why they feel the need to shout so loud.
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  • JRH1991
    I prefer the Idea of stay at home moms, its better for the kid. id say until they are ready for 1st grade then its no longer needed, but if they can't afford to be a stay at home mom then then they obviously need to work.
  • Mayamoon02
    Feminists gave us the right to work at a time being a housewife was the only choice (or get severely underpaid at a job).
    Just cause a few bad apples use feminism as an excuse to spread ignorance and hate - doesn't mean the whole movement is rotten.

    I'm sorry you were surrounded by critical friends but unfortunately people hate those that make choices based purely on happiness.
    I feel a lot of jealousy is going on from women who don't have the option to stay at home to raise the babies.
    They call it feminism - but it's not.

    I'm pregnant at 21 - and seeing loads of posts of facebook saying things like,
    "Girls getting pregnant. Im travelling the world" as if having a baby de-values our worth. Poor souls. They don't understand we are choosing our paths!

    It is a very sad world if we prioritise making money over our own children.
    Feminism as helped making it more acceptable for men to be stay at home dads if they wish.
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  • Maxemeister
    I would definitely prefer my wife to be making money.
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    • Anonymous

      That's fine too :)

    • So would a good amount of men, actually. No offense to stay at home moms, but to support an entire household in this economy, one needs more than just one person bringing home the bacon.

    • Curmudgeon

      When the children are really small? Think again. The children do need raising and nurturing, day care is not cheap, and no day care worker will raise them like a loving mom. When they reach school age and are in school most of the day, on the other hand, I could see how you would definitely prefer your wife to be making money.

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Good take - I have no issue with a career person or a stay at home person if you can afford it - It is a person's choice not society's at the end of the day.
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  • devilish-cutie
    this is what happenes when people preach about feminism but don+t know basics of it

    feminism is not against traditional roles but about giving genders freedom to choose lifestyle they prefer. before there was only traditional way so traditionals feel attacked cause feminism talks against that, but the only problem w it is that traditional way was the only way in society, robbing us of our freedom. In the same way men feel attacked; feminism is not war against men and traditional way, it's about freedom

    But economic empowerment is very important cause if a woman financially depends only on the men in her life that she can lose - be it war, illness etc. She might not have any other source of finances for herself and her kids.
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  • sara_nour
    honestly i don't consider myself a feminist and it great in the time we live in it's a choice and not an obligation but don't you want have a life outside of the house? don't you want to meet people who have different prospective? be a model for your kids of what a modern women can do in the 21 century? and what if your husband leaves you or something happen to him or when your kid will leave the house ? it's not critic but i just don't understand
  • fuqthegovt
    Feminists are so full of shit. Hell almost as much as Hillary Clinton.
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  • PT1911
    I will work my ass off to make sure I can have a stay at home wife for our kids early years.

    I'll be damned if I let a sitter or daycare employee raise my kid.
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    • What's the difference between sending your kid to daycare for 8 hours a day, then sending them to school for 8 hours a day when they reach school age?

    • @musicbrain5
      The years before schooling are highly crucial for a childs development. If theyre being raised 8 hours a day by a person with ten other kids to watch then thay aren't getting the crucial teaching of values and such that their parents would (assuming theyre any good at being parents) be much better at getting across.

      You can't raise your child the way you see fit when paying somebody else to do the job.

      And schooling is a legal requirement. can't really get past that.

    • PT1911


      took the words right out my mouth.

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  • HyperNova
    I'm sure there are thousands of childless, infertile feminists at the ready, to tell you what a stupid woman you are.

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  • Heera
    A woman should do what makes her more happy lol. Not wanting to be a stay at home mother doesn't mean you're a feminist
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  • vishna
    If one partner is capable of staying home to raise the children and there is enough money being made to do so, that's a good set up. However, I think that other parent should at least try to bring in some bacon. I wouldn't want to have a child and never buy anything for it with money that I earned. I get it's your husband, so, you see you two as a team. But my mind doesn't work in the way that someone else provides everything for my child-clothes, food, a roof over their head, transportation, etc.
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    • AriadneSky

      technically any parent staying at home IS earning money. they are doing end the clock work that professionals would get paid over 1090,000 $ for a year. the numbers have been worked out by professionals.

    • vishna

      @AriadneSky I just don't see it that way. That's not bringing anything in, that's just making sure the other person's money is saved.

    • AriadneSky

      e see things differently because you believe in slave labour..

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  • TakeMaker
    The only criticism I've heard of stay at home parents has been from ignorant people who I can almost guarantee are not feminists. People who have never cared for a child in their lives and have no idea how hard it is being a stay at home parent. It's also really hard being a working parent, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stay home and survive on one wage.

    Gaining equality means gaining more choice, choice means you get to choose and that's the key part, not the choice itself but the option.
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  • outmyroom
    There obviously is nothing wrong but a female should try to have a career as well.
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  • candyaurora
    I am a feminist and I have nothing against stay at home mums, infact someone has to look after the child and mother is the best option. I have heard too many stories about children being mistreated in child care centres!
  • Rissyanne
    I was a stay at home mom... I dont regret a single minute of it.
  • 3336PS
    you can't never take back the time you bond with your child/children. there has to be some balance.
    women need to have their career, ideally a job that can be flexible and return to when the children are really for school.

    i have my career and i stayed home for a few years with my children. back to work. now that my husband left me. i am glad i have some money set aside and a career to fall back on.

    we can't relay on one partner to be the only money maker or one partner to be the child care provider.
    the best is when both partners can make enough money to hire a sitter.

    i enjoyed being SHMom and a career woman.
    what people think is not all that important, everyone has diff. situations and opionions. you have to do whats best for you and your family.
  • WhaChaChaKing
    I honestly don't care. Whatever floats your boats. We just don't think it should be expected out of women.
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  • Pilulu
    My mom has worked very hard and had 3 kids, and still has a job. But, she wants to be a stay ay home mom, and ir that makes her happy, then so be it.
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  • beebetree25
    Its your life, dont listen to them. Its not like you have 12 kids, on welfare and watching reruns of golden girls day in and out...

    You have a degree and can work when needed, plus you're only staying at home with her till she gets older which won't take long.

    I hate how society comes at you with pitch forks and their judgments if you fall out side the norm..

    If you still have you virginity at 25+
    Still in school and at home 25+
    Not engaged or have kids or still single at 30+

    Its ridiculous. Not everybody can fit the mold society has. Sometimes its hard to find someone special, sometimes people dont want kids, sometimes people have mental issues and can't be left alone and are at home... but people never think of this.. thwy just judge, judge, judge.

    Anywho keep on doing what you do OP.. you're fine.
  • lifeisbeautifulxoxo
    First of all no one can force a woman to do anything. That's illegal. If a woman decides to be a stay at home mother that's her decision. If she decides to be a career woman that's her decision.
    Also, no one can choose someone else's happiness. Saying to a woman that she would be much happier being a stay at home mother is condescending.
    I honestly don't mind if a woman wants to be a stay at home mother if she truly desires.
    For myself, nothing is more important than career. I'm in a happy loving relationship with a man who also doesn't want children ever. That's our decision and we are happy with it.
  • mermaidrocketship
    Love this!
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  • mutedaisy
    Do as you wish. It's good to have choices.
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  • Phoenix98
    Good for you, well said ^^
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  • Puppylove94
    completely agree. very well said
  • Anonymous
    The Stay-At-Home Mothers were a thing when wages were high enough to raise a family on one wage. These times are over.
    Now Stay-At-Home Mothers make the choice to marry a rich man or live in poverty. Rich men aren't that easy to find since they prefer to marry rich girls. Poverty and SNAP are easier to find.
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  • Anonymous
    I'm a feminist and full time stay at home mother. I'm also raising my daughters to be able to make their own choices- get a good education so that later they can choose career, stay at home, or do both part time.
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  • Anonymous
    Well said, thank you for this!
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  • Anonymous
    Feminists don't fucking care. If you wanna be a stay at home mom, then do it. No one cares. Your personal life decisions don't impact anyone else besides you and your family. If you wanna work, then work. If you wanna stay at home and be a parent, then do that. Feminism isn't about working it's about choice. Those people who shamed you or pressured you just need to mind their own business.
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    • OPBinYYC

      There's a very 'me' centered comment. Do you speak for all feminists unanimously? Obviously you do, guess you should take Hillary Clinton's place and run for president as you think you know it all and speak for all. Feminism is not about choice or of equality, it's about equality plus (privilege & benefits for one gender over another). The writer is just trying to get some comfort in being or wanting to be a stay at home mother. Her actions do influence and impact others as if enough people act in the same manner then it will be socially acceptable and not shamed (for every action there is a result). I know perhaps you are trying to be nice or helpful but the tone of your comment is very aggressive & has a negative connotation. Perhaps you are just opinionated, expressive is ok but this seems to strike a cord with you.

    • Anonymous

      @OPBinYYC I'm not being aggressive. That's just how I speak. I type how I speak and I curse, a lot. I don't see how my comment was me centered at all because I never mentioned myself or any first person pronouns at all. I'm not trying to be nice, helpful, or aggressive at all. All I intended to say was that majority of the people on this planet neither care nor are impacted by her personal life decisions, therefore she should just make whatever decisions in personal life that she feels as though are beneficial to her and her family. Perhaps you didn't understand me due to my choice of words before, since I was a bit less proper. I am a product of my culture and environment, and that impacts the way I speak.

  • Anonymous
    Gee, feminists are refusing the right of a woman to make her own decisions? Colour me amazed.

    Oh no wait, don't. Because feminists have been doing that to women for decades. And they show fuck all signs of stopping any time soon.
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  • Anonymous
    I agree with your mytake... it was a great read, i hope the women on Gag, don't give you a hard time. I'm sure you make an amazing women.
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  • Anonymous
    I didn't realize that you had to be a feminist to not like stay at home moms lol
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    Don't worry. This is only one of the *many* things that feminists do wrong.
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