The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife


1. Home cooked healthy meals.

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

My wife is an excellent cook and I look forward to coming home for my dinner after a long day at work. Also it works out cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time or ordering in. Microwave ready meals are pure poision in my view. Also a packed lunch can be cheaper and healthier than a work canteens menu.

2. No childcare costs and no child neglect

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

"The working mother

has to take her child to a nanny.

The nanny has to take her child

to a babysitter.

The babysitter

has to take her child to daycare.

On the count of three, I want everybody

to take care of their own damn kids!

Whose baby is this? It ain't mine!"

Chris Rock.

With so many families having two work in parents children nowadays are practically raised by various strangers, nannies, babysitters, daycare workers and even school teachers. It's not so bad if it's grandparents or a family member but having absent parents must have serious effects on a child mental development, especially In young kids. It must be near impossible to know what is going on in a child's life or how that child is doing if you are never there. Certainly I believe a stay at home mother has a better chance of installing the important virtues of discipline and manners better on a child than parents who are always working.

3. Laundry

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

(She seems to enjoy doing laundry)

I'm very lucky that my wife does all the laundry and refuses to let me after a minor mishap with some of her clothes when I tried to help. A wife your laundry saves on dry cleaning bills and gives you time to concentrate on other things, ie gardening.

4. Sewing and knitting

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

My wife is such a hero when it comes to sewing on buttons or sewing up trousers.

5. Sex

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife
The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

Kids can be disruptive to a sex life but the real benefit of a wife who is stay at mother to your kids is that she is less tired when it comes to sex. Often my wife will greet me at the door in a baby doll nighty and with a beer when she's horny.

6. More appreciation of all you do

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

I've noticed a lot of my neighbours, work colleagues wives and female work collegues are not very appreciative of all their husband's do for them and their families. I don't know if this is just most women regardless if they work or not but I can say my wife acknowledges all I do and appreciates me. From working an extra day to extra overtime to bring in extra money for gardening, yard work, DIY, home maintaince, car maintaince, catching spiders etc and the rest. All in all she wants me to be the man in the relationship and for me to feel like a man and vice versa. To all women out there if you have a good man let him know you appreciate him.

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife

Anyway those are just some of my views on the awesome benefits. Obviously some of you may disagree or have a few points I missed. Everybody doesn't have to live as she and I choose to, for instance many families simply don't have the same choice, others have a stay at home dad and there are many single parent families out there who may do just as well.

The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife
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  • musicbrain5
    The second point is a whole can of worms that I'm not keen on opening (all the shaming that happens and the fact that people are so steadfast in their opinions on the subject), but aside from that there's nothing that I can really disagree with here. However, as I was reading along, I kind of got the vibe that these are things that can't be accomplished by working women. As a working wife myself, I can assure you that's absolutely NOT true. I'm sure there's also a fair number of stay at home wives who don't do any of those things (and a select few of those ones are probably regularly banging their neighbour in the bed her husband bought with his hard earned cash, lol). I don't think that's the idea you were trying to convey, but someone will misinterpret that and bite your head off for it. It's the Internet, after all.
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    • " The Awesome Benefits of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife" a different take would read "The major drawbacks of Having a Traditional Stay-at-Home Wife" in not saying working moms can't do this stuff or that this is every marraige with a stay at home wife nut I see your point people get "triggered" over nothing these days lol

    • I know that's not what you're saying at all, I was just pointing out that others will think that's the message you're trying to get across. And there's already a couple of comments from triggered people, lol.

      Stay at home moms get shamed, working moms get shamed. You can't really win. I plan on being a working mom which means yes, I will send my child to a daycare or a family member during the work day. I don't see anything wrong with that, but some people do based on the kinds of comments I've gotten over the years. I just see it as being the best choice for my family and I, based on lots of things. Also I'm a teacher, so I will likely have similar hours than my child (ren) meaning they won't have to spend hours in before or after school care and we'll have all the same holidays and days off.

    • Also I'm am expert sewer and knitter, 😃

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Prof_Don
    The cold hard truth is, in America with the cost of living being the way it is, VERY few men are able to make enough income to be the only breadwinner for a family of 4 and live comfortably.

    But if the man does make enough, the idea of having a stay-at-home wife is the ideal.


    I know several couples in which the husband works a traditional job, and the wife is the stay-at-home spouse. To keep from getting stir crazy, she runs a home business (such as nail art, day care, homemade crafts, etc.)

    This arrangement, at least on the surface on my perspective, works EXTREMELY well!
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    • Some childmind, some make candles etc

    • Originally there where far more social and community activities that women took part in, historically, to avoid the isolation of being a homemaker. I guess thats not as common any more though. According to studies though, children raised in traditional homes (like this one) do fair significantly better then those who don't.

    • Rissyanne

      @hellionthesagereborn I know look at he crime rate for children being raised without fathers.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Traditional gender roles evolved over centuries and it is ludicrous for feminists and SJW's to come along and pretend that they are so smart that they came up with a "better" plan. You and I think alike on this subject.
    • Thanks. Enforced social engineering and shaming women for choosing to stay and raise their kids is kinda fascist in my book.

  • Prettygurl12
    My husband would come home to the kids at the neighbors and me hanging myself from the ceiling.

    All of my friends who are stay at home moms are miserable.
    • Some people are miserable no matter what

    • I'm very happy with my life. Being a stay at home parent though... that'd be awful.

    • Happy at the minute. In every life some rain must fall and so on...

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  • RJGraveyTrain
    See, I can do all of that and work. I don't know how some people think it's impossible. Yeah you may have to pitch in but any man worth his salt can handle doing the dishes once in a while, especially if he expects me to cook. Plus in this day in age you need a combined income to live comfortably.

    Also don't delude yourself: your woman would be doing laundry in fuckin' swears, sweater with a dirty messy bun of unwashed hair. Not lingerie. Lol. That's why they call it laundry day.
    • Of course I pitch in lol

    • Irishman45

      What about raising the children then?

    • @Irishman45 of course I pitch in there too, it's the highlight of my day, I always feel guilty working overtime or extra days because I don't see the kids and can be too tired but if I earned about 30% extra on what I earn last year.

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  • raspberry0416
    Of course it works well for YOU to have a stay at home wife. No one is arguing that.
    You haven't worked out the part where it is god for women to give up their careers and stay at home to be your domestic servant.
    • If she's my domestic servant does that make me her indentured provider, protector, cuddler, feet warmer and spider chaser.
      I did say it worked well for me but remember she choose this I didn't force her into it. The thing about feminism and equality is that you have to accept women's choices and not shame them or their husband's who leave the reservation by choosing a lifestyle choice other than what the mainstream of society decides it should be.

    • Yes, you are her indentured provider actually. But if you're ok with that then that's fine. Not my business.

    • You know what I mean. It's not downton abbey. The maid costume would be nice lol

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  • Rissyanne
    This was a great take. I was a stay at home mom... also a home school mom. I dont regret one second of it.
  • Barrabus_the_Free

    Thanks for this Take. I can always use a good laugh.
  • Oram52
    1 - Home cooked healthy meals.
    You kidding me, girls can't cook for shit these days. I am far better at cooking (I love cooking). However I definetely would not marry a girl who can't cook.

    2- No childcare costs and no child neglect
    Just because both parents might work doesn't mean children are negelected. Wife would only have to take more responsibilities at home for few years until kids start nursery, and once they start primary school
    its all good. We can both look after kids.

    3- Laundry
    Stop being lazy, my mum started forcing me to do laundry when I was 15.

    4- Sewing and knitting
    Not required these days. All I had to do in regards to clothing was to put buttons back on once they came off.

    5- Sex
    Really, seriously? Common complaint wives use is they're tired, yes the stay at home wives too. It doesn't matter if she works or stays at home. She wants sex, she wants to comfort her husband... she will make time for it!!

    6- More appreciation of all you do
    Again its not dependant on being a house wife. Both partners should appreciate each other.

    I am happy for you and wish you guys best of luck :)
    But I am only drawn to ambitious girls. And in regards to points you've made, her being stay at home mum or working mum make no difference.
    • 1. There are still girls out there that can cook
      2. Neglect may be a strong word but think about it elementary schools don't start kids until age 4. Working parents working a 9-5 job is basically leaving their kids in the care of other people for maybe 9 hours a day. Young kids need their parents.
      3. My mother did too, my wife usually has most of it done and honestly doesn't like me touching the washer and dryer except to fix it.
      4. It's pretty handy having a wife that can sow well as it saves clothes and she can often recycle material.
      5. It must be just us then. But all I Hear at work is guys complaining how they ain't getting any because their wife is too tired from work.
      6. I stand by it. Many women don't appreciate all their husband's do and their is a real devaluing of fatherhood and bein a husband in society. How many tv shows or movies cast fatherhood and husband's in a negative and comedic light.

    • I wish you guys the best in your marraige too and thanks for commenting

  • madhatters4
    i think the same could be said for having a stay at home father. there are definitely benefits to having a partner staying at home if the family's finances can bear it. if i or my wife made enough money that the other could stop working and just be a homemaker without really putting in financial strain we'd definitely do it.
    • But would your wife look at you the same way? It maybe 2017 but there's still a lot of sexism towards stay at home Dad's and woman are not very accepting of this reversal of gender roles when it comes down to it.

    • i know what you mean that stigma exists for sure... my wife would would be fine with it. I know since we've discussed it. doing what's best for the family shouldn't have a gender role

    • Your lucky. I know many so called feminists that have told me that they lose respect for a guy who becomes a stay at home dad.

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  • I am a stay at home mom but I hope to only be doing it for about another year or two. AFter that both kids will hopefully be in full time school and I want to get a job, maybe part time so that I can support my husband's full time career.
    • Glad to hear. It's always good when you have options.

  • DiogoRibeiro
    Whatever makes people happy. If the he is happy and she feels she has a fulfilling life, I don't see the harm in that.

    Personally, I think when both people are financially independent it's a big asset to the relationship and avoids a lot of issues.
    • RedRain

      I agree, each person has to choose the lifestyle they like and we have no right to judge them

    • If your both financially independent your not married, otherwise it's just two people who live together and occasionally screw. Two pay packets coming in is always useful as you can never have enough money. If you are married and have kids both need to be all in without thought of walking away or the marraige will not work, marraige is a real exercise in trust.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • @Iraqveteran666 I understand your point and agree to a certain extent. Just have a different view on that subject.

      I liked your myTake a lot because I feel there's almost a prejudice against women that decide to be a stay-at-home-wife and I think it's uncalled for and undeserved.

      We have come a long way in terms of women rights and I believe that that should include the right to say no to a "career" and dedicate to family instead if that makes them happy.

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  • I-am-a-nobody
    I like this take, but I'm already seeing the backlash.
    The part that the Feministas don't get is:
    These women actually ENJOY their lives as stay at home moms without being brainwashed, beaten, subjugated or enslaved.
    • I have several stay at home mom friends. They hate being a stay at home wife however finance wise they can't afford child care

    • @Monkeybizness
      Yes and there's plenty of women who work outside the home that would love to be with their kids, but they 'have" to work for financial reasons.
      I think Americans are WAY to materialistic.

    • Rissyanne

      @Monkeybizness I stayed at home and raised my kids... I dont regret it for a second.

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  • fabulouspancakes
    Honestly as a woman who considers herself a feminist (though definitions vary), I don't think stay-at-home moms get the credit they deserve. As long as it's a well thought-out personal choice, I see nothing wrong with women (or men for that matter) choosing this path. However, it takes the right partner for it to work out. If the husband or partner doesn't respect and appreciate the housewife/househusband, everything goes to hell and the housewife/househusband is stuck. I've seen this happen. Also, kids are expensive, and it can be difficult to support a family on one income. So those are the drawbacks that I can see, but all the benefits in this take are still valid.
    • Kids can be very expensive but many people lead very wasteful materialistic lives. The expense of childcare aside how many couples work long hours to earn their crust but are paying as much as a 3rd of everything they make servicing the interest on their debts and loans. Too many people buy on credit or have a mortgage on a big house and run two fancy new cars and are just about covering the repayments but if one loses their job they are sunk. I try not to take loans out or but anything on credit at all if I can help it, we make do.

    • vvn604


  • snowangle
    I do hope you tell your wife how much you appreciate her too :)

    I'd love to be a SAHM in the future if we could afford it. I've worked as a nanny before and felt awful that I spent more waking hours with the baby than his parents did. I want to raise my own children if at all possible.
    • interpose0

      That's awesome! ^_^ It's not for everyone, but I'm really glad that I had a stay-at-home mom, I really think the world needs them, especially now that it's becoming a lost art and there's people actively discouraging it.

  • Waffles731
    'My wife is an excellent cook and I look forward to coming home for my dinner after a long day at work. Also it works out cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time or ordering in. Microwave ready meals are pure poision in my view. Also a packed lunch can be cheaper and healthier than a work canteens menu.'
    If you were Italian American your family considers you less of a man if you can't cook as well.
    • They also consider me less of a man for not beating her lol. I can cook too.

  • Curmudgeon
    You know, I have a friend with a very traditional stay-at-home wife. However, she does work her tail off. She homeschools their children, she bakes from scratch, she does a lot of home gardening and canning of fruits and vegetables grown (they have a few acres), she sews his suits, she invests the money he earns by daytime trading on the home computer, and the like.

    Sure, he earns the money, but she *stretches it out*, probably further than ever possible if they were both working and sending their suits out to the cleaners and paying for day care, and so on.

    For her, taking care of the little farm IS a full time job.
    • Yeah this is how we work it. We are thinking of homeschooling. She doesn't invest our money in stocks though but she does grow vegetables and can our vegetables. We prep a bit to for emergencies

  • desidoll
    I don't mind being a stay home mamma, as long as he can provide everything 😊

  • TacosRAwesome
    Nah these are the benefits of not having a lazy wife or a wife who is into housework.

    For example my aunt stayed at home when her last kid was born and her house was still a mess (think a fees days plates in need of washing) and she still cooked shi, because she spent her days visiting shops etc.
    The mum of a friend of mine works but their house is always clean.
  • Lumberman53
    Your Mytake was really good I agree stay at home wives and mothers are good, i personally don''t want kids but I can see the value of a stay at home it's a noble path
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Goes both ways, I don't have a problem being a stay at home dad and likewise, my future wife should have no problem being a stay at home mom.
    But a stay at home wife is not logical, not for me in any regard. Money, time, general sexiness and energy all play a key factor. I don't wanna be a broke couple when we are 60.
    • For me I don't want to be a broken up couple before we are 30 because we are both so busy working and never see our kids like so many couples today.

    • Good call, though i don't think i would mind. I prefer relationships where both partners are independent. But then it all comes down to a matter of actual love and what draws you together. If co-dependence makes it tick then you've done well.

    • Depends how you view marraige, tonne especially with kids involved marraige is co dependent, like to horses pulling a carriage if one refuses to help and do their bit the carriage goes nowhere.

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  • GigiMary
    Your wife is everything I aspire to be!

    I want to be a stay at home wife when I finally get married to my boyfriend, and your wife sounds like the role model I should be following! My mother taught me how to cook as a child and I am already in the habit of cooking for him most of the time. I want to be there while my Children grow up like my mother was there for me. I want to do the laundry for him and the family - it is woman's work and I'll be proud of it!

    As for the sewing, I already do a lot of sewing, knitting, and occasionally crocheting for him and others. I imagine once I have kids I will sew for them too! Since I still do work I can't talk from experience about the sex part being better when I stay at home, but I am inclined to believe that I would be more excited and ready after a day of taking care of my children than day of work.

    As for appreciating my husband more, it makes absolute sense to me I would if my job was to literally take care of our children every day! After all, he is half the reason they will be there, and the breadwinner! Honestly, though some people are opposed to being a housewife on the basis that it stifles your career or keeps you dependent on your husband, I don't see an issue with that.

    Besides - who is to say it isn't successful to be a housewife? I would be half of everything: my husband would bring home the money to buy the groceries, I would buy and prepare them for dinner. My husband would be half the kids, he would bring the masculine figure children need in their life to the family atmosphere, and I will bring the feminine. He would bring in the money to buy the clothes (or the cloth to make them) and I would buy/make them myself for us and wash them.

    I don't need a successful career. I need a loving husband, a loving family, and a happy life. The strive for success constantly is exhausting. I want to be fulfilled in life, not successful. I can't think of anything more fulfilling! Thank you for the MyTake!
  • Mandude
    Yeah, I agree. In addition, just from personal experience, I've noticed women working a lot tend to come home, sit on their computer, shit/shower/sleep then do the same thing the next day. These type of women tend to live in trashy rooms and houses and be ok with it. They only clean up if it gets really bad, or if guests are invited. I'm sure not all working women are like this, but I know they're out there.
  • Kaylyne
    So your input is to just do a days work, come home, sit down and put your feet up then, is it?
    • Lol hardly. This take is about "The awesome benefits of having a Traditional stay at home wife and mother" not how how to be a good husband and father. There's always something to be done around the home and kids that want attention and taken care of. Years ago when men had to do long hours of physically demanding and back breaking labour in the factories and mills, in the shipyards, docks, farms and mines I could understand men putting their feet up.

    • CoolSky01

      the fact is that this dude and his wife are probably gonna have a longer and much healthier and happier marriage than you and your husband , thats why you're mad lady.

    • Kaylyne

      @CoolSky01 I take it you're talking from experience then..
      Oh and please let me assure you that I'm most certainly far from being in the least bit mad.

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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    I was going to make a Mytake like this but been a bit lazy to do so. Great Mytake and well written.👏👏👏

    And I been saying letting strangers raise your kid is a terrible idea. But people don't listen.
    • Yeah you can always tell if an adult was badly raised. There are so many awful kids out there

  • WhistleForTheChoir
    Cons: we no longer live in a world where most couples can support themselves on one income. I would love to be a stay-at-home husband, but unfortunately for me it's just not that simple.
    • I somewhat disagree on that. People in today's world seem to get everything on some sort of credit or loan paying as much as a third of everything they ever make servicing the interest on their debts, then when you add the materialistic consumer driven nature of people to that you see why most couples both need to work. It reminds me of this song.

    • vvn604


  • FakeName123
    How defensive and borderline butthurt all those female comments around here are is ridiculous.
    • Rissyanne

      I know.. it is pathetic.

    • Thats because they have been conditioned to hate the feminine, thats why they consider masculine traits, the roles that men fill as being more important then the ones women filled.

    • @Rissyanne it's really sad .. I'm really annoyed at them._.

  • Drunky_Monkey
    My eldest sister has two kids and she's a working mom. My youngest sister has two kids and she's a stay at home mom. They both are equally happy with their lives and choices they made. I think the decision comes down to the individual couples and no one else. by the way my sister spends 2 hours tops a day doing housework, and she has the rest of the day free to spend with my niece and they go to the mall and parks and stuff. lol
  • Irishman45
    Traditional roles were started for a reason and I think this kind of arrangement works well so long as the woman gets plenty of opportunities to do things for herself too. Maybe part time work a few days a week an a good social life.

    I especially agree with the argument about raising children. Children need parents in their lives and giving them to a stranger to raise from the age of 1 is terrible.

    My mother worked but my father actually worked from home. He had a business which he ran from the garage and he raised me.

    He was the one who got us ready for school in the morning (my mom usually left before we got up) and before I started school he would usually spend the mornings with me and work himself in the evenings after my mom came home.

    Children need to have a parent raising them, end of story.
  • TheFlak38
    Little things in life that everyone should enjoy. Very good.
    • Thanks for commenting it can be hard to get a take going.

  • It's amazing that your wife is nailing it and you guys are happy. It depends on the person and family actually... some women just cannot be good housewives.
    Housewives get so less credit for all the hard work they do. But it's possible to do all these while working.
    Over here we have a tradition of the wife staying at her father's home (instead of husband's home) while pregnant with her first child. This is because a mother is obviously more caring and understanding than a mother-in-law. And in case she goes out then her family members can take care of the baby, and she doesn't have the responsibility of cooking and cleaning at her own home.
  • Nice_Guy_Last
    I literally can't afford my stay-at-home wife. Add up the monetary value of all of the stuff she does for us, and it'd easily cost more than I make in a year. She's the main reason our relationship/household works.
  • CoolSky01
    the west really seems to hate women who want to be women, its like you guys are giving every single excuse known to mankind of why a woman can't be a house wife, sad just plain sad.
    • Thank feminism for that, its not the men its the women and feminist who are against women.

    • CoolSky01

      @hellionthesagereborn its like in the east the women have no rights, can't do anything and are just good for cooking and cleaning and sex, and in the west women want everything in the world and dont want to give anything back in return and you dont get to complain.

  • Monkeybizness
    This is probably the most sexist discussion 😂. I'll pass on this life.
    • It's merely the benefits of a stay at home mother and wife not a mandate to force women back to the kitchen bare foot. You should support a woman's right to choose to work or stay at home.

    • I prefer to work, to have my own and not rely on anyone else. I support independence in men and women. I refuse this life, I teach my daughter the same.

    • That's your choice one day it will be your daughter's choice I hope you support her then.

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  • oddwaffle
    #1. Unless she is a bad cook and you will have eat it regardless or cook it yourself. One of my uncle got the same deal too. He never told her how bad her cooking was. He kept eating it because she made it.

    #2. Exposure to various diseases in a public environment built a stronger immune system. You don't want your kids to be in a space suit forever.

    #3. She will do it regardless if she is working or not. Maybe it's time to let her do the laundry while you clean the house.

    #4. Spending time doing unproductive things and call it savings? I once told an employee not to wash the table cloth and just get a new one because it costs $0.2 each while I pay her $13/hr.

    #5 this is actually a very valid reason. I personally think stay at home mom's tend to be wild with their husbands. They got really productive without birth control.

    • 4. Never spend money or outsource a job you can do in house just as well and cheaper. Its how we own most everything and have no debts.

    • oddwaffle

      #4 You are losing time and receive opportunity costs. The cost is equal to your next best alternative. You could spend the time doing those jobs that have little to no pay or spend time working on jobs with higher pay.

      You can spend a couple hours to see stuff on your free time. However, it's more productive to buy machine made clothes for cheap. Unless you bought those highly expensive clothes.

      Netflix had an engineering team to build their network but they used Amazon to built it. Why? Because Amazon can do it better in a much shorter time frame and costs. The in house team would have taken them 10 years and a mountain of resources.

    • Yeah because it was cheaper to do it but America is full of people weighed down by their debts. They outsource nearly everything in their life paying about a 3rd of their earnings servicing their debts, on thing I can say is that if there's another economic crash the bankers won't take my home or car or anything

  • vishna
    "All in all she wants me to be the man in the relationship and for me to feel like a man and vice versa."
    What does this mean?
    What does she do that boosts your confidence in your gender or chromosomal make up?
    Unless the children aren't of a schooling age, I see no reason why a grown woman would sit around in the house all day, if she cleans everyday there isn't enough new stuff to do that would require her to stay at home when she could be contributing to the family funds with a job. Cooking dinner can seriously take an hour... an hour... laundry, weekend. Vacuum, dusting, 1-2 hours once or twice a week... see where I'm going.
    • The kids are not of school age yet and maybe more on the way. There is plenty to do and she may return to work when the kids are older.

    • Try walking to shops that are 2 hours away then making homemade bread and butter...

    • @Warmapplecrumble sounds good, it will help lose the baby weight and keep you fit

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  • GirlThatDraws
    Here another benefit: She makes good sandwiches ( Í¡°Ï‰ Í¡°)
  • lovelyhoneybones
    I plan on being a stay at home mom, but I suck at cooking, I hate laundry and I don't do knitting. LOL!
    • Listening5

      If I can cook lol, you can too

    • @Listening5 Pshhhh. I've been cooking for years and still can't do it. Hopefully one day though.

    • Listening5

      Ur only 17, what were u born with a pan in ur hand? Haha if u can make soup then ur good

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  • PlacentaSalad
    Women like to associate the stay-at-home lifestyle with being "domestic servitude." What's ironic is that these same women are usually feminists, who are ultimately shaming women for choices that THEY are making for themselves and the children. These women still think that in America and cultures influenced by western feminism, that they're oppressed and forced into doing things for men. They're so self-absorbed and selfish that they don't care about what is best for the children, like stay-at-home mothers do, they only think about themselves.
  • Goodwifie
    Oh boy.
    I was a stay at home wife with three kids and I decided to go back to work part-time when my youngest started school.
    I was bored senseless, I'm a bit of an introvert so I don't make friends easily.
    I longed for some adult conversation so I went back to work 2 days a week and I am a better person for it.
    We also have more money so now we can actually afford to do stuff.
    I still manage to get everything else done I usually did, I'm even the handyman of the house.
    Nothing much had to change apart from my husband having to cook dinner twice a week and get the kids bathed, I'm usually home to help with dinner.
    • You shoulda go out than to stay home bored. A visit to the mall or a friend house or something til your husband got home.

    • Goodwifie

      @Hispanic-Cool-Guy my life is not just about my husband.
      Also wanting to build up my super fund.
      I'm happy with my decision to return to work.

    • Dale1982

      Sounds like the perfect set up. I used to cook dinner when I came in from work sometimes and if bath the kids, have a laugh with them then get a few hours with the missus before bed. It only becomes a bad set up when somebody isn't pulling their weight. I don't care what anybody says though kids need their mums more than their dads

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  • There's just no pleasing anyone these days, isn't there. 😅
  • MrSelfless
    I will be more happy if my wife goes to work with me. I can kiss her in between work when I get a chance ( when no one notices)
  • apexalpha
    I rather have a wife that brings home sixfigures and doing something out of her life
    • Six figured and maybe you can stay at home. Plenty of rich widows out there

    • apexalpha

      Plenty of work offices have switched to home based locations

  • Chief16
    See I can do all those... And work, but if I expect the same from women. Suddenly, I'm sexist.
    • Jaye234

      Nah, it's just that some women would hate to be a homemaker.

  • Midget_Hug
    So how does she get money for her own endeavors? And time?
    • She makes scented candles and sells them on the internet also we pool our money.

    • Waffles731

      I'm honestly baffled when people act like its not normal to pool their money,
      I know that most married couples hold joint bank accounts these days

    • @Waffles731 with marraige and kids it's a case or having to be all in though other couples work it differently

  • I like housewifes ♥ very good article
    • I hate how women reacted to this... :-/ depresses me

    • interpose0

      I love your positivity, and I agree with you about how some of these women reacted. I hate how hostile some people are to the idea of a housewife these days. I think the world needs them.

    • @interpose0 thank you :-)

      I don't understand why everyone is against housewife's...

  • whitedahlia
    If he brings home the bacon then I'll cook it 😉
  • TheSniper
    Excellent take, but I sense butthurt girls here.
  • lord_chilled
    yeah, i want that
  • Harmseygrace
    I'd love to be a housewife.
  • Anonymous
    So you want a slave. Got it.

    You're exactly the type of man that women should do everything they can to avoid.
    • Eh thankyou. Sounds like your suffering a case of internalised mysogny.

    • Dale1982

      She isn't half and a heavy dose of feminist paranoia on the side. What's the problem with somebody going out to work for you? I'd love somebody to do that for me and say don't worry about anything just take care of the house. I'd never miss my football and I wouldn't be sore all the time from work. I took care of my missus for a decade and she was happy.

  • Anonymous
    Ah, to be married to a real woman/mother/wife. So few men/children are that lucky these days.