Trying to get first job at 30, how is it possible?

I've been dealing with bad social anxiety so bad in the recent years I've been unable to work and had to go on disability just to get health insurance. I don't want to be on that forever but there are some major issues with this.

1. If I get off disability I MUST get a job with health insurance which is a huge weight on my shoulders working for the first time already nervous
2. I have NO prior work experience or volunteering in anything
3. No college degree, only high school diploma.
4. I would need a job that pays enough to be able to support myself, part time isn't enough.
5. Most full time jobs require prior experience or a degree which I don't have.
6. If jobs ask why I never worked and I'm off disability they can be reluctant to hire someone my age with no experience and nervous around people.
7. I cannot do any jobs that require driving, cashier, anything with ladders/heights, heavy lifting.
8. All work from home jobs I have no qualifications for.
9. I don't know anyone I can work with or partner up with in a private business.

i don't see how I will be able to work too much is against me!
Trying to get first job at 30, how is it possible?
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