Why does my World History teacher suck at teaching?

She puts on a powerpoint presentation, reads directly from it word by word, then gives us worksheets then a test. That's it. She doesn't know sht of what she's teaching. She still thinks Czechoslovakia is still one country (it's now two). A student asked her to explain bce, bc, and ad. She promised to do it and has never done so. She promised 3 months ago. My humanities teacher, last year, just needed a marker and he wrote the notes by himself on the board. Casually. He didn't need sheets of paper, or a powerpoint. Cause he KNEW what he was teaching. He didn't need to go online to learn about WWI.
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If somebody randomly asked her to explain WWI, she'll just say, "A bunch of countries in Europe didn't like each other. So they fought. A lot of people died, then WW2 happened." That's fine for an everyday person. But a world history teacher who can't name 1 battle of WW1 OR 2? No.
Why does my World History teacher suck at teaching?
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