Why does this coworker point out my mistakes a lot?

I work at a call centre. I’m quite new to the role, I’ve only been working there for about a month. A lot of the work I do is communicating with my manager and senior line manager

There is this girl who works in the same role I am in, she joined the role a few months before I did, so we have the same responsibilities and both work the same job tasks. I’ve noticed recently though that she keeps bossing me around and pointing out every single mistake I make, and then always finds something wrong in what I do, and then asks to speak to me over the phone to explain why I made that mistake. So when I speak with her over the phone, she rants on at me for a very long time about what I need to do to improve for next time. She also keeps making passive aggressive comments about how my mistakes. The other day she was trying to explain to me how to fix a problem and I couldn’t find the right category on the computer and she said “Jesus Christ” and her and another colleague exchanged this look and smirked at each other. The other day I logged on 15 minutes late and she sent me a message saying ‘be careful with being late because we cover each other’s roles’. Sometimes I get bothered by her bossing me around and I feel like it’s out of hands that she is fulfilling the role of my manager and telling me how to do my job, when we both have the same job role.

Recently, she made an indirect jibe on an email to all the other colleagues about how I couldn’t do my job and then wrote on the email that she had to correct me because I didn’t know how to do a certain task.

is this behaviour wrong and why does she keep pointing out my mistakes?
Why does this coworker point out my mistakes a lot?
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