What motivated you to become a hard-working person?


I was always very ambitious, hard-working and self-sufficient but when I came here for the first time at 22 and found a job I enjoyed and felt proud to do, at some point I realized that my one hour pay here was the same as the monthly pension of elderly people back in my country and I had 4 grandparents, that I loved a lot.

Every time, I got extra jobs, I was thinking that I didn’t have a right to be lazy here, because how could I be lazy knowing that I could get the monthly minimum of lots of people in my country just in an hour. That thought only didn’t give me a rest and I felt like I must have worked hard and make sure my grandparents or my family could always rely on me.

It made me feel happy knowing that I could help if someone needed a help and I felt almost obliged to work hard, because lots of young people in my country do not have the opportunities that I had.

I was lucky, and I felt that I must not taken it for granted…

Later on, it grew into my habit to work hard, because I don’t like depending on other people, I have always only depended on myself and knowing how hard it is to not be able to rely on anyone but yourself, I liked to know that some people can rely on me and I can make their lives a little bit easier.

What motivated you to become a hard-working person?
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