Career Vs Education?

I am 24-year-old girl from Myanmar. Lots of youths including my friends have gone abroad by education or job and most people are trying to leave the country.

As my personal info, I am graduated (but major is not my interest ) and working as a freelance digital marketer and home-guide teacher. I really love my jobs but on the othe hand, I am still confused to go abroad for studies coz study is easier than job for abroad generally. (Plus most people do that and my parents and my friends support me to go 🇯🇵 for studies)

But personally I dun wanna learn Japanese and never expected of going to 🇯🇵 for studies and job. Instead , I dreamt of other countries such as China and EUcountries. But in reality , 🇯🇵 is the only way I can leave as soon as possible which is good for not only financially independence but also for studies. I know learning a language takes time. Actually my aim is to become a business woman and want to set up business in my country but who knows the political tragedy of my country leading to the failed state?

I realized loneliness in spite of having one of the best experiences in my life in EU countries as an exchange student for months. Moreover, I felt always out of that place there even though I am open-minded and adaptable to new environments.

If I leave to 🇯🇵, I will have to restart my education that guarantees my career (currently I am trying to get dual degree for BBA at Uopeople) and everything (but Digital Marketing is exceptional) and won’t resettle in my country.(juz only make frequent visits to my country) The good thing is tht I make a path to 🇯🇵 for my brothers coz they want to go to 🇯🇵 for studies and job.
The worst thing is leaving my lovely parents and HOME.
So I am wondering whether I should choose staying at my home country or leaving
Adulting is really hard ….
meeting and parting …Sometimes I am thinking about wht LIFE is. Is it deserved to leave your loved things behind and take a risk for better life?
Career Vs Education?
Career Vs Education?
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