Would you snitch on your coworker?

I hate how my job can’t keep anything confidential. It was bad enough when i told someone in HR about my sup fcking up my checks and then she told the sup I told on her.

Then there was this girl who makes promises/deals to applicants of offers we no longer offer. I told the team lead in confidence but then she three-wayed me in a virtual conference with the girl and told her about me snitching. I only snitched because it put me in an awkward situation having to tell the applicant the offer was no longer valid.

And now the girl has fcked up AGAIN, not even a month or two later. She promised the same deal/offer to someone new and now I have to deliver the bad news again. I don’t like risking anyones job but it keeps affecting me directly because I have to play messenger and get snapped on by applicants because of her mistakes.

This old lady used to make similar mistakes and I tried to tell a team lead in hopes they’d help her but she's been out a month now and i think she's fired 😭 I’m a certified snitch now ugh #FeelFreeToList

23 d
Definitely time for a new job. So not only did the girl talk her way out of it but Someone logged in as me and forwarded out some shit in regards to her mistake… i dont like crooked ass companies like this
Would you snitch on your coworker?
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