Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

Okay so everyone has their own favorites. Personally these are my top 10 bad-ass female characters. These females are not just sexy, they are smart and powerful. Alrighty so let’s get this started.

10. Emma Watson: Hermione Granger

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

Not only does she blossom into a total babe, we see her grow to become a very powerful/ brilliant witch. She throughout the movies shows us that not only she can hold her own but that without her Harry and Ron would be totally lost in all of the movies/ books. She is the glue to the group and packs a mean punch if you get on her bad side (watch out Draco).

9. Jennifer Lawrence: Katniss Everdeen

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

She’s a 12 out of 12. Every other combatant is afraid of her. She’s the face of a revolution AND it’s frontline. She can hunt, look after her family and is a ball of rawness when it comes to being honest. What else could you possibly want?

8. Scarlette Johansson: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

In the past movies we have seen her improve. She carries herself with class, she’s smart and always thinking ahead. Also without her in The Avengers who else would tame The Hulk?

7. Emilia Clark: Khaleesi

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

Don’t mess with her, she will fire back (literally with dragons). She succeeded against all odds, made sure her people were safe and brave. Not only did she show us that she doesn’t care to have a man rule with her but that she became an inspiration for everyone (unsullied etc). Also why be a Queen when you can be a Khaleesi/ Mother of Dragons?

6. Maisie Williams: Arya Stark

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

She’s young, she’s smart and a total bad-ass. This young lady went from being known as the “Stark Girl” to a full out assassin. She is able to hustle, get what she says she will do done and for the past 5 seasons she’s been doing everything on her own.

5. Carrie Fisher: Princess Leia

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

Leia Organa is quietly the most effective hero in the original series; she successfully keeps the Darth Star plans from Darth Vader, slays Jabba the Hutt, and is probably the best aim in the entire franchise.

4. Milla Jovoich: Alice

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

Alice fights zombies, zombie dogs, zombie birds, zombie cyborgs, zombie clones, and whatever else this increasingly insane series can throw at her and always makes it to the next chapter while looking like a total babe.

3. Angelina Jolie: Laura Croft

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

This woman is all about knowing. She is smart, sexy (without even trying) and will kick your ass if you cross her. Throughout the series she doesn’t make time for men (though she has her playtime she doesn’t look for a relationship). Laura Croft is set on what she wants and will not stop until she gets it. No matter what you do (break, smash or even feed her to an angry gorilla) she’ll always bounce back.

2. Taraji P. Henson: Cookie

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

The no-nonsense, unapologetically honest business woman is determined to get what’s hers all while keeping her familyintact and we love every bit of it. Plus who else can make an entrance like Cookie did on Empire?

1. Linda Hamilton: Sarah Connor

Top 10 Bad-Ass Female Characters

Mulleted suburbanite, or heroine of the revolution? Amazing the effetimey-wimey shenanigans with a robotic killer and a hot stud from the future will do. By the end of The Terminator, Hamilton has left no doubt she's the legend of Earth's post-apocalyptic future. Even so, it's punch-the-air time when we find out just how bad-ass she's become in T2: Judgement Day. Sorry, Lena Headey.

Alrighty so those are my top 10. If you have a top 10 please comment below and tell me why they are on your list. Please if you'd like for me to come up with different topics (gaming maybe?) please message me. Thank you everyone, Happy Halloween & God Bless :) <3

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