15 B-Sides That Could Be A-Sides Too

Many people often believe B-Sides are usually crap or fillers. But in fact you can find gems there. Overlooked gems. Here are some of them.

1) Again A Game...Again by Talk Talk (B-Side of the single Such A Shame)

2) Cadillac Car by Bronski Beat (B-Side of the single Why?)

3) Change The Man by Howard Jones (B-Side of the single New Song)

4) Driftwood by A-ha (B-side of the single The Sun Always Shine On T.V.)

5) Every Now And Then by Camouflage (B-Side of the single That Smiling Face)

6) Just Another Guy by Kim Wilde (B-Side of the single Child Come Away)

7) Leipzig by Thomas Dolby (B-Side of the single Europa And The Pirate Twins)

8) Living In Heaven by A Flock Of Seagulls (B-Side of the single Never Again (The Dancer))

9) Lonesome Tonight by New Order (B-Side of the single Thieves Like Us)

10) Monkey Business by Nik Kershaw (B-Side of the single Wouldn't It Be Good)

11) Pit Stop by Naked Eyes (B-Side of the single Always Something There To Remind Me)

12) Route 66 by Depeche Mode (Beatmasters Remix) (B-Side of the single Behind The Wheel)

13) The Conflict by Tears For Fears (B-Side of the single Change)

14) The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator) by Alphaville (B-Side of the single Sounds Like A Melody)

15) There Is A Nation by Wang Chung (B-Side of the single Dance Hall Days)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Now THIS is a myTake! Woohooooo!

    Don't forget "Miserablism" by the Pet Shop Boys, "Never Be Free" by Garbage, and "This Twilight Garden" by the Cure.

    My favorite Cure song is an even better b-side, "A Foolish Arrangement." :)


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