10 Types Of GAGers!


There's a whole diversity of people on GAG. Here's ten of them! Keep in mind this doesn't apply to everyone, and there's a TON others too.

1. The Oldies

10 Types Of GAGers!

The Oldies have been on GAG for a long time. Most of them now have a pretty high Xper. They've seen people come and go, and they were more than likely here when you first joined.

2. The Compliment Fisher

10 Types Of GAGers!

The Compliment Fisher is usually a girl who posts a picture of herself and asks things like "Am I fat?" Or "Am I ugly?" and usually gets the same answer every other Compliment Fisher gets- "You're gorgeous!"

But despite all that Compliment Fishers usually reply with something like "You're lying." rather than a thank you. Most of the time they go anonymous.

3. The Obvious Troll

10 Types Of GAGers!

I think we all expected this one on here.

The Obvious Troll is usually anonymous and will ask the most moronic questions without giving any detail what so ever. Most of the time they think they're being funny but truthfully most GAGers don't even really care. Of course there are some pretty entertaining trolls, which are usually the ones who don't hide as anonymous.

4. The MHO Master

An MHO Master is a person who devotes most of their time on GAG simply by trying to increase their MHO percent. They rarely answer questions, but when they do they usually give a very nice, rich answer rather than throwing a few words.

5. The Newbies

10 Types Of GAGers!

The Newbies are pretty much the exact opposite of the Oldies. Newbies are people who have just recently started coming on GAG and I suppose this is more of a phase rather than a "type of GAGer" but I'm going to include it anyways.

Newbies tend to be the ones who aren't familiar with the bizarre things on GAG. And some of the questions that we see regularly on here might confuse or even shock a Newbie.

6. The Celebrities

10 Types Of GAGers!

This one sort of speaks for itself. But a GAG Celebrity is usually a person with a high Xper (mostly Gurus and Masters) who are well known around GAG. They have quite a bit of followers and usually most questions they ask will get several answers (unless they go anonymous). I've noticed that most of the Celebrities on GAG tend to also be Oldies.

7. The myTake Master

The myTake Master is a person who uses most of their time on GAG to make myTakes. Their myTakes almost always get featured and everyone knows them for it. Of course they still answer questions and ask them, but their more widely known for the quality myTakes they make.

8. The Hater

10 Types Of GAGers!

Haters just hate everything. Most of the time they will go anonymous and they honestly don't enjoy anything on GAG which kind of makes you question why they're on it in the first place. You can ask the most fun question in the world and this person will still make you feel bad for it. Really the only difference between a Hater and a Troll is that Haters know they're not funny, and they actually have a purpose to anger and hurt rather than annoy. Word of advice- just don't be a hater.

9. The Mysterious One

10 Types Of GAGers!

This is the person that stays anonymous for most of their answers. But then one day when they magically appear without it you'll notice they have a HUGE amount of Xper and it makes you wonder- "Why haven't I seen them before?"

10. The Regular

10 Types Of GAGers!

This is probably the most common type of GAGer. A Regular is a person who gets on almost every day. They are just generally hooked to GAG, and usually go up the Xper rankings fast. Most people are pretty familiar with this person, though maybe not enough for them to be considered a Celebrity.

Anyways that's just ten GAGers I've noticed while on this site. I know there's a TON more, but these were just a few I thought I'd share. Thanks for reading! As always I hope you enjoyed!

10 Types Of GAGers!
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