10 Types Of GAGers!


There's a whole diversity of people on GAG. Here's ten of them! Keep in mind this doesn't apply to everyone, and there's a TON others too.

1. The Oldies

10 Types Of GAGers!

The Oldies have been on GAG for a long time. Most of them now have a pretty high Xper. They've seen people come and go, and they were more than likely here when you first joined.

2. The Compliment Fisher

10 Types Of GAGers!

The Compliment Fisher is usually a girl who posts a picture of herself and asks things like "Am I fat?" Or "Am I ugly?" and usually gets the same answer every other Compliment Fisher gets- "You're gorgeous!"

But despite all that Compliment Fishers usually reply with something like "You're lying." rather than a thank you. Most of the time they go anonymous.

3. The Obvious Troll

10 Types Of GAGers!

I think we all expected this one on here.

The Obvious Troll is usually anonymous and will ask the most moronic questions without giving any detail what so ever. Most of the time they think they're being funny but truthfully most GAGers don't even really care. Of course there are some pretty entertaining trolls, which are usually the ones who don't hide as anonymous.

4. The MHO Master

An MHO Master is a person who devotes most of their time on GAG simply by trying to increase their MHO percent. They rarely answer questions, but when they do they usually give a very nice, rich answer rather than throwing a few words.

5. The Newbies

10 Types Of GAGers!

The Newbies are pretty much the exact opposite of the Oldies. Newbies are people who have just recently started coming on GAG and I suppose this is more of a phase rather than a "type of GAGer" but I'm going to include it anyways.

Newbies tend to be the ones who aren't familiar with the bizarre things on GAG. And some of the questions that we see regularly on here might confuse or even shock a Newbie.

6. The Celebrities

10 Types Of GAGers!

This one sort of speaks for itself. But a GAG Celebrity is usually a person with a high Xper (mostly Gurus and Masters) who are well known around GAG. They have quite a bit of followers and usually most questions they ask will get several answers (unless they go anonymous). I've noticed that most of the Celebrities on GAG tend to also be Oldies.

7. The myTake Master

The myTake Master is a person who uses most of their time on GAG to make myTakes. Their myTakes almost always get featured and everyone knows them for it. Of course they still answer questions and ask them, but their more widely known for the quality myTakes they make.

8. The Hater

10 Types Of GAGers!

Haters just hate everything. Most of the time they will go anonymous and they honestly don't enjoy anything on GAG which kind of makes you question why they're on it in the first place. You can ask the most fun question in the world and this person will still make you feel bad for it. Really the only difference between a Hater and a Troll is that Haters know they're not funny, and they actually have a purpose to anger and hurt rather than annoy. Word of advice- just don't be a hater.

9. The Mysterious One

10 Types Of GAGers!

This is the person that stays anonymous for most of their answers. But then one day when they magically appear without it you'll notice they have a HUGE amount of Xper and it makes you wonder- "Why haven't I seen them before?"

10. The Regular

10 Types Of GAGers!

This is probably the most common type of GAGer. A Regular is a person who gets on almost every day. They are just generally hooked to GAG, and usually go up the Xper rankings fast. Most people are pretty familiar with this person, though maybe not enough for them to be considered a Celebrity.

Anyways that's just ten GAGers I've noticed while on this site. I know there's a TON more, but these were just a few I thought I'd share. Thanks for reading! As always I hope you enjoyed!

10 Types Of GAGers!
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  • EmpatheticLady
    Hmmm, I wonder where I fit in on this, haha.
    Is this still revelant?

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  • dangerDoge
    My goal is to become a regular. I want to get to Guru level lol. I need to devote more time to GAG though!
    • Genie23

      Lol, I wanna be a Guru too xD

    • dangerDoge

      @Genie23 On the plus side you are already like halfway there :D

    • Genie23

      Hehe, yes!!! :)

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  • musicbrain5
    I'm both number 1 and number 10 for sure, lol.
  • mooky06
    I'm like the slack version of "the regular" haha
  • Ozanne
    I think I'm #7 - The MyTake Master. For a while I was writing at least one a day. :)
    • Definitely! You were actually one of the people I had in mind when writing that one! You're myTakes are really inspiring!

    • Ozanne

      Aww that's nice :) Thank you!

    • You're very welcome! :)

  • MissNowhere
    Nice, I guess I'm the regular.

    One HUGE group that wasn't included is creeps/weirdos/fap material fishers. xD There's sooooo many of them.
    • I think you'd be a celebrity tbh
      And yeah there's a pretty large group of creeps on this site

    • Celebrity? O_O haha I'm flattered but I've only been here like 4 months!

    • Really? I thought you were here longer but I guess not πŸ˜…

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  • HandsomeRaj
    AWESOME, FANTASTIC - I LOVED this take :D :D <3 ha ha so well written :)

    But one thing about the 'MHO master', not all lengthy answers / opinions necessarily hit the button. I've seen many lengthy opinions that tend to be only opinions than actually addressing the situation though the intent remains :) and these warrant only a one line answer to hit the button :D

    Again there's a matter of perception ;)
  • Stacyzee
    I'm the old lady -shivers- lol.

    how about the free loaders? Those who give crappy answers all of the time only in hopes of gaining a gift card.
    • πŸ˜‚ yeah that's a pretty common one too

    • QooLipBite


      She's talking about you 😘


    • Stacyzee

      Ahhh I see , we have an instigator on our hands !

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  • Jxpxtxr
    Hahahah sometimes I'm a troll, sometimes I'm still a newbie and sometimes I'm mysterious - but most of the time I'm really regular on here now..
    Nice take! :)
  • HollywoodGlam
    This is too cliché. I don't like the idea of classifying gagers.
    I've had enough of it. Back then, when I was here in 2011, there was no such thing as which gager is this and which gager is that. There were no popularity questions. It was a simple question answer site and not like high school.
    Again, this is getting way too mainstream.
    • Haha sorry V (^_^) V

    • QooLipBite

      Yea I feel you, now this site has become more of a community and a little social group rather than what this site originally was for

  • Klaatu51
    xcelent take... i believe i'm a mix of #4 (yeah i get lots of non-auto selected MHOs lately, and tend to give long-answers pretty often 8) ), #6 and #10

    (and maybe #5 :'( )
    • You're also #1 you've been here way longer than me.

    • Klaatu51

      @sexualchrist #5 and #1 r opposite... but honestly i believe i tilt a little bit more to #5 :|

    • Iron_Man

      You get them from mr Anon Hmmmm lol

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  • PrettyRican
    I am a Newbies 😊😊😊😊😊😊. I really liked reading this. I have noticed a few of them that you named on this site too.
  • existing_not_living
    I think I'm #4 and #10 , so that makes me MHO Master and a regular. :) I answer a lot of questions, but a lot of times I write really long worded responses which usually gets me MHO a lot. I don't have the hugest MHO %, but I'm working on it ;). As for being a regular, I have a decent amount of followers and that's fine with me. I come on here quite often too. GaG = Life.
  • fiego
    @lemonlimetime Loved your mytake, which one are you? #7?
    • Thank you so much :) I honestly don't know πŸ˜‚ maybe I am? πŸ™‡πŸ»

  • Genie23
    I don't know what type of gager I am, lol.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your Take :)
    • I've seen you around so maybe a Regular? And thank you so much!

  • FatherKnowsBest
    I'm more the occasional user. I cannot afford the time like teenagers or younger people. I have other priorities.

    But I do listen and respond whenever I have some free time to try and stabilize the opinion spectrum by relating to my own personal experiences and how my experiences relate to today's world.
  • creepycreeper
    On here troll seems to mean someone that disagrees with liberal viewpoints. Like there are plenty of guys who are nice enough but they are anti-feminist so all the women call them trolls. Or if you're religious then people will call you a troll. Or if you're conservative. But then some rabid liberal can sit on here all day telling men to kill themselves and that's not a troll for some reason.
  • mskay
    I don't even know what type I am lol but nice take nonetheless! I love reading all your takes :)
  • Mistnigqa808
    I wonder which one I am then >_< i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif
    • I would say on your old account you would be a Celebrity but I don't think many people know you now.

    • @Random_chick_2384 the same amount of people know me I think since I got 120+ followers in 1 day after being back HAHAHAH

    • Lol. I haven't seen you on here as much so I wasn't sure. What type of gager would you say I am?

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  • SilenRose
    I'm a regular but I've definitely run into a few mysterious ones.
    • Same here. I used to be one until I hit about level 5 or 6

    • QooLipBite

      How did you run into one?

    • SilenRose

      @QooLipBite, they contact me. I don't mind being contacted by other users but when you are contacted by someone you haven't seen around you begin to wonder. I even ask what made them contact me and they say they liked what I had to say. This could only lead to that they either come on GAG to solely read posts and comments or they stay anonymous.

  • Xylem
    You forgot the Turks. They always ask what we think about Turkey.
  • johnny_hustle
    I would say I'm a combination of number 9 and number 4. I don't really try to improve my MHO. What I do do is I rarely answer questions just because. I will answer a question only if I have something to say and that something to say is very detailed oriented. On top of this, I also answer anonymously. So, with the exceptions of the people who have been here for a long time, most people here probably won't recognize me.
    • Yes I actually don't recognize you but you seem to be very high in Xper so I'd say that's accurate πŸ˜…

    • haha yeah, and I'm almost a guru level. They keep changing it. When I first joined, 10,000 xper points was all that was needed to become guru, but then again, points were harder to come by. I would also technically classify as number one since my join date is March 9th of 2009.

    • You should not go anon if it's not that necessary so that people like me could follow you and learn something.

  • PiuBelloAmante
    I don't know... i will never be a GaG celebrity lol
    i am a regular i think
    • zorro8888

      Oh my god that PiuBelloAmante!!! Sign my autograph please!!! :D

    • Wtf! The legendary sexy Guru Zorro wants my autograph!!!

      dude you are a celeb in my book haha

    • i think having a nickname around here puts you in that category, "prince charming" (aka "drool face"), :p

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    And i'm none of these.. I think. 😂

    You forgot the catfishes too.
    • Yeah I think I forgot them lol but you'd be a myTake Master in my opinion ;)

    • QooLipBite

      Catfish* fish is already a plural πŸ˜‚

  • The_Technomancer
    If there were a delete button for opinions I bet the #4's would delete all their opinions that weren't MHO's.
    • That's probably true. That way they'd get 100%

    • Maybe that's why there isn't a delete button. Because people would delete stuff they don't accept, don't agree with, or regret. Really makes me watch what I'm going to say because if I offend someone what I said is forever out there.

  • warumnicht
    You forgot those of us who like to bother people with sarcasm and a blatant lack of damns ;P
    • Haha yeah I forgot that one ;)

    • KBob93

      I'd say trolling?

    • warumnicht

      It is but not quite as described. I don't like to do the obvious asking questions one I just more have bursts where I like bothering people with sarcasm and passive aggression and such whenever I've been subjected to a lack of intelligence and feel the need to spite somebody basically. It's currently at a high but give me 2 weeks when I next come back on here and I might be willing to help people again.

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  • GalaxyFlame90
    I'm not going to let this shit classify me. Screw that.
    • Haha fair enough :)

    • Which shit classifies you then o_O?

    • Nicole9356

      Your either the hater or the troll lol

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  • MattDamonAndFriends
    "Celebritys" lollll right you would definitely notice them walking down the street "OMG! That's the person GAG let's get their autographs!!" Im sure it happens all the time,
    You forgot number 11: the pervy 18-60(I've never seen anyone older than 60 other than 99 but I doubt that is a real almost 100 year old) who answers underage peoples questions that one should be replace with celebrity that only feeds people's egos or at least call them well known users
  • GirlScoutsRevenge
    The Troll Hunter: Someone who feels the need to declare they found a troll and make generic troll comments even when it's blatantly obvious the question isn't serious. Well done you! You recognised sarcasm or irony, you get a gold Troll Hunter Badge!

    The Creeper: Someone who posts semi-innocent questions to attract semi-innocent people to answer so they can root out the people they want to harass. Usually a guy and usually younger girls answering.

    The Double-Agent: People who post regularly and are known, who want to keep their 'GaG rep' so post their racist, bigotted hate comments when anon and then pretend they're all sweet as pie again.

    The Ghost: The users who only come here to message and harass, they don't interact with the site at all and will only have made xper level 2 so they can send messages. They will stalk the sex questions, picking out people to message based on their answers.
    • Jager66

      Ha, lol. I like this answer.

    • @Jager66 says the "Mysterious One"... haha!

    • Jager66

      uh what? I never use anon, well maybe a couple of times since 2011, never is a pretty strong statement after all. I would probably best fit into oldie and possibly regular as well.

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  • sephylove
    You forgot the sexual raver - the one who always asks questions related to sex lmao and sugar coats it with "curiosity"
  • Jonny_
    I used to be a celebrity although i'm in and out in bursts... Xper isn't THAT high in my opinion. Although I know a lot of people know my answers for certain questions which are often asked.
  • tOi_sOldier
    u forgot to mention one, my type which is the silent observer
  • BelleGirl21
    I guess I'm just a regular... how boring! 😯
    • Hey I'm with you bro πŸ˜‚

    • cl_517

      not even love! <3

    • stop being humble. you're a celebrity :p

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  • Eliora1
    Lol so true. I'm probably a regular... I post often but most people don't really seem to know me haha.
  • Kris85
    I'm probably the oldie by GaG standards. I've been here over two years and seen so many users come and go.
  • MysteriousFlower
    I don't think I classify. I use to be regular but I'm not always, not a celebrity or oldie. Its a good take though :)
  • ccp16
    Well I may not have a very high xper count, being on here for 5 year on and off again does make me feel like an oldie..
  • LovesTVDx
    Lol I'm probably 1, 2 and 10 XD
    Except for 2 it is because I have genuinely a crappy self esteem. I always say thank you at least
    • sawno

      Your a celebrity or a type of gager not listed : The askee. You generally create a lot of content asking interesting questions and are mostly known for that.

    • LovesTVDx

      @sawno aw thanks :)

    • Klaatu51

      LOL that's strange... i'm a year "older" than u here and i consider myself a "newbie"... and u consider yerself an "oldie"? :p

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  • FatherJack
    In the occasional user category as have a family , work & also setting up my own ventures , I do like to give a balanced response / advice... not everyone appreciates the cold , hard , truth.
  • Hopefuldreamer8
    I'm a number nine. I answer most of my questions anonymous. It's because some of my answers I feel ashamed with my age and my lack of experience. At age 28 almost 29, I should know more and have done more. Some it's because I don't want things associated with the username. I know people are judgmental about age. I once asked a question that I guess was obvious to everyone else, and one girl on here bothered me about it. She sent the link to other people and asked them if she thought it was stupid for me to ask. So I disavowed the question. It was about whether or not a guy liked me, but I don't have experience with men liking me. I just don't know. It actually turned out he had some interest in me, even though she told me didn't. I think she got banned though because her account is inactive now.
    • Hannah591

      You're here to learn about the opposite sex, this site was made for that so don't be ashamed to ask questions, whatever your age! That girl shouldn't have done what she did and I'm glad she's not here anymore.

  • ThisDudeHere
    I'm most definatelly a regular. I'm on here almost every day because I have nothing better to do lol
  • TheDevilInside
    I'm the magician. I disappear, then I'd show up. Then I disappear again, then show up again
  • tyrantfuryre
    I'm some guy that comes and goes. You can see I've been here a long time, longer than most and my XP isn't crazy high.
  • CourtJester
    Well, obviously you forgot number 11... court jester. I'm a league of my own fam.
  • Hannah591
    Spot on! I'm an oldie, a myTake master and a regular. :p
  • KDA20
    Very good My Take - I was wondering where you would get 10 main groups from but you have with aplomb - Well done
  • newlife1011
    I'm # 4 but I get on as much as I can to help out and recently it hasn't been much unfortunately.
  • Zendrya
    I guess I am probably a regular... I don't know how old is considered an oldie :p
    • Klaatu51

      accordin to me u must be older than half among total amount of users in GAG at least

    • Zendrya

      I've been here for around 1.5 years

  • Dawsonwc
    Differently part of the mysterious ones group. This is a really good mytake.
  • PippiL
    I'm the one who just can't take anything seriously.
  • Sam_1722
    That's a nice take! Very interesting and true! Haha.. Had fun reading it!