Recommended Songs For All Emotions

If you are like me and love to listen to music, I'm sure you do it often; if not all the time. I listen to all genres, and have certain songs I listen to when I feel certain things.


When I'm mad, I love listening to harsh music. Lots of drums, screaming. Anything that supports my anger. Dig by Mudvayne is one of many I love listening to when in a mad or aggressive mood.


When I'm sad, I listen to sad songs or happy songs. Here is one of each.
Sad song- What hurts the most by Rascall Flatts

Happy song- beautiful by POD

I am usually a very happy person and I will listen to anything. For some reason though, I generally listen to Smile by Uncle Kracker or Kiss from a rose by Seal.


If I feel confused by something I listen to Handlebars by the Flobots.

On the verge of an anxiety attack

I have anxiety and sometimes I over think to the point of just breaking down. When this happens I put on Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin. It calms me and get's me to stop thinking, most of the time.


I am a writer, and an aspiring author. Sometimes I become very inspired to write a certain story, mytake, or just a certain message containing all my thoughts to someone who I know will understand. When I'm in this mood I listen to 21 guns by Green Day.


We all get bored, especially when all we've done was be on the internet. When that happens, I like to watch weird or odd music videos. Usually Three little pigs by Green Jelly.


Sometimes I get in a very deep mood, I'm very serious with everything I say, or I'm thinking in a philosphical way I listen to Song Cry by Austin Alsina.

Out of place

We've all been somewhere we feel out of place and just want to go home. When this is the case, I just play Here by Alessia Cara or People are strange by the doors.

Missing someone

If I miss someone, my ex boyfriend I love but also hate him. I play I don't care by Apocolyptica. But if I miss my dead grandmother I play Life is beautiful by sixx am

Energized/hyper/want to dance

I can get extremely hyper and in the mood to just dance and sing and say "Fuck it." I play IDFWU by big sean, if I want to head bang I play psychosocial by slipknot or qwerty by mushroomhead.


If I am real relaxed and want some calm music I listen to Fur Elise by Beethoven or the song of unhealing.

Lastly, sexual/turned on

We all feel lust, (mostly), especially those with a higher sex drive. *cough* @WhatTheHellAmy *cough* I listen to Or nah by the weeknd or grind on me by pretty ricky.

Obviously I may have forgotten to add a feeling, and maybe other songs that I listen to during those feelings. But those are songs I recomend and listen to when I have those feelings. I feel as if they help a lot.

If you have any suggestions for a certain feeling to listen to a certain song, I'd love to hear them!

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  • Errr. Mudvayne Dig is a pretty iffy song to me. Basically about wanting to convince someone to kill themselves. I suppose it's okay for anger, if a little morally questionable. But I prefer Mudvayne - Determined. Determined is also a hell of a workout song. Lamb of God, old Slipknot.

    Out of place: Slipknot - Surfacing

    I really like this one for relaxing. I've been getting really into Phantogram, lately. Ben Howard is also really good for relaxing, in my opinion.

    For serious and thoughtful songs/inspiration, there can only be Melodic Death Metal. Philosophical. Introspective. Extrospective. The evolution of Classical music. MeloDeath is modern Classical music. Has all of the progression. Just way faster. Lamb of God, especially. Of course, that's more angry inspiration. Heaven Shall Burn is inspirational, to me. Twenty-One Pilots comes to mind, as well, though.

    Missing someone: Breaking Benjamin - FireFly or other. Also Bad Blood - Bastille

    And I don't get turned on by songs. >.>

    Just good story and somewhat uplifting songs: Eluveitie. Gaelic metal. They sometimes sing in the nearly extinct language of Gaelic. Calling the Rain is awesome to me. The lyrics are also delicious.

    Modest Mouse - Float on always calms me down if I get too unstable.

    Dance: cybergoth or trance.


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  • Right old mixed bag there - I really liked The Rascal Flatts song and wow, you should have given an over 18 warning for the Weekend song - It tells us a bit more about you, good take

  • I really like this song when I'm angry
    listen with earbuds bc its really loud

  • The ending of Mahler 2

    Orgasm, transcendence, life reconstituting itself!

  • I propose this for happyness.

  • after someone puts me down i listen to " I AM I'M ME " my twisted sister
    when i'm depressed " the price" twisted sister or " in the night " phil colions
    when i'm angry " battery " matalica
    in a relaxed mood i like swing music
    in the mood
    boogie woogie bugle boy, etc
    party mood most of the 70's 80's rock
    for a love song " one in a million " trixter
    for a country song i like "a county boy can survive" hank williams jr.
    for modern music "a freak like me" halestorm or "heaven knows" pretty reckless

  • lol noice, tho i don't like much of the music. I have liked it at one point or another so in other words i can appreciate it

  • you need help


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  • What? Me? Hahahaha

    What can I say, sweetie? Watching your pics make me wet, what am I supposed to do? I need to release some hormones hahaha

  • Nice list, I love music and finding new songs to suit my mood! Thanks for the suggestions.


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