My Personal Favourite Kids Shows

Yes, these are still my favourite kids shows. The ones you still see nowadays I will exclude from this list, such as Pokemon and Thomas the Tank Engine etc. (Pokemon is still on free to air right? I'm sure it is)

A few on this list might still be around, but as I don't have pay TV (and will never waste money on pay TV) nor spend much time on kids channels, in my life they're no longer around much.

So, to start it off a real good but unusual favourite.

1. Soupe Opera

I actually didn't know the name of this until today. I've always known it as that vegetable show with the cool music XD

But whether or not you know it by name, or even not at all, this was still a great show.

2. Plonsters

This one I also did not know by name until today (I was not a kid that paid attention to titles okay? Shut up.) This one, along with Soupe Opera I never actively searched for, but I loved it when they surprised me.

3. Pingu

I really don't think I need say anymore. I mean, it's Pingu. Seriously, it's self explanatory.

4. Bottle Top Bill and his Best Friend Corky

I don't even know if this show is around anymore, or if I was even still a kid when I started watching it (as in before thirteen years). Regardless, I've always liked this show.

I've always found the concept of making everything out of anything you can think of as very interesting. I loved it.

5. Angelina the Ballerina

Yes, I'm very aware she's still around but jeez, I hate the new version of her, so she's going here.

6. Blues Clues

It has been so long since I've seen this show (I must have been six or seven the last time I watched it) but I remember absolutely loving it. I even had a Blues Clues memory game.

Though I did just watch it. And I'm now wondering how I ever found it entertaining. I need to stop ruining my old shows by watching them again XD (Also I suspect there's multiple shows in this one video)

7. Yin Yang Yo

I watched this closer to the end of Primary School, but I'm gonna put it in this list anyway. It's more like todays kids shows than the above, but ya know. Todays shows are being shown for a reason, kids like them. I wasn't much of an exception. This was my favourite episode.

8. Ben 10

I am very aware that Ben 10 is still being shown, but that's Omniverse and that sucks. It was my little brother that got me into this show. I have seen of the original every single episode of every season. Every one. I could name all the aliens but they're fleeing my long term memory in my not so old age.

9. Futurama

Hahahahaha oh how could I not have thought of this first! I have seen every episode for the first three seasons. I have to start buying the box sets so I can complete the gaps. So yeah, I'm a Futurama fan, even now that I actually understand the jokes. I don't know if it's still being shown but if it is, its not on free to air which sucks big time.

I am seriously struggling to think of any others. I'm gonna think of one right after I hit submit. I know it.

Anyway, so those were my reasons for getting up at six in the morning. I wish they were worth the early start now I might actually get places on time. Oh well.

I'd chuck The Teletubbies and The Rugrats in, but The Teletubbies have lost it on me (Having found out the real reason they were cancelled) and I never got into the TV show for Rugrats as a kid, more the movies, so I figured they don't really count.

What were your favourite shows as a kid?

Honourable Mentions: (that are, as far as I know, still being shown)

SpongeBob Squarepants


Thomas the Tank Engine

The Simpsons

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What Guys Said 2

  • I never heard of the first 5 O. o but my favorites Arthur, Dragon Ball Z, Ed, Edd, and Eddy with dozens and dozens of honorable mentions

  • I do not now watch many cartoons any more.. the only time is when I baby sit and I look after a set of twin girls two or three times a month for some friends.. and we then watched Dora the Explorer between the many diaper changes I have changed on them as the twins seem to both do that at the same time.. Ha ha.. but when I was way younger my favorite was Popeye the sailor man.. I even tried to eat some spinich once after watching him get strength from it.. I had it for dinner one night back then when my mom cooked it and after I was done I ran out side and tried to push the house off it's foundation.. my mom thought I was nuts.. take care


What Girls Said 1

  • hahah my 6 year old son loved blue clues for sure. He would always make me watch it with him, pretty intense haha xD


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