My Top Ten Games. A Gaming Lunatics Take On The Best Games Of Seventh Generation And The Current Generation. So Far.

Ahem, so if you haven't already known this. I'm a HUGE gaming fanatic. I've been playing since forever, since Windows 95. So lets not beat around the bush and get to it.

DISCLAIMER: This list will not include exclusives, Nintendo Wii Games(so no Mario, boo!). The game series will be generalized from the vanilla gaming consoles. The PS4, The XBONE, The PS3 and the Xbox 360. And of course my beloved PC. This list will include games from the last 10 years. The exception being that the Game series has had a launch in the last 10 years.

So here are my top ten gaming series.

10. The Resident Evil Series.

You may be able to prolong your life, but its not like you can escape your inevitable death, is it? -Jack Krauser

My Top Ten Games. A Gaming Lunatics Take On The Best Games Of Seventh Generation And The Current Generation. So Far.

And no, they aren't the movies, bruh. Not them terrible, terrible adpationish spin offs. If you've played the Resident Evil series from that masterpiece of a first game like me(PS1 exclusive back then really). you'll know what I'm talking about. Barring the latest installation RE6(not the spin offs). Having some of the most epic quicktime duels of all friggin' time. This must be the best survival horror game series other than the exception of The Silent Hill series.

9. Dragon Age Series.

Hawke: You'd look grand next to the De Launcets. All coiffed and... buttressed.
Aveline: Maker, no!
Hawke: Aveline, my bulbous cherub, you must hear the droning of Lord Full-of-Shit.
Aveline: Stop it, you.

So any true RPG fan would know about this game series. Pick up this series and prepare to lose yourself into the ever immersive world of Dragon Age. Enconter foes, friends and some of the best written characters in video games. My only grind with this series is its strictly mediocre second game, Dragon Age 2 otherwise the games are top noche. The enchanting tales, side quests, detailed characters will make you savor the world of Thedas and allows you to be a resident in this sprawling mass which becomes Dragon Age Inquisition, simply one of the most complete games I've ever played.

8. Metal Gear Solid Series.

"I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea, I will always be with you." -Punished Venom Snake

People, my tongue might get twisted and I might die of asphixation if I begin about the series. And also I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT explain it without major spoilers. And even then we'd have to spend two years in a cave till I bought you upto speed. All you need to know that the use of a cardboard box makes these games simply the best stealth action series ever. Beautiful cinematic storyline with deep characters and an obsessive, almost voyueristic attention to detail makes this classic series a must play.

7. The Elder Scroll Series


Yes, You knew this be coming. You may call it pathetic, but this game series be reason enough for a lot of divorces and break ups. And I really can't say more. I still play Skyrim after five whole years of its release. I've never played a game so continuously before. Never. A stretch of 11 hours, the most I've played for any game. Lose yourself to The Elder Scrolls.

6. Mass Effect Series.

"Shepard is my battlemaster. He has no match." -Grunt

Uh huh. So I don't need to talk about it. Do I? I mean come on. Because you really ought to know at least this much. Mass Effect is the best Space Science Fiction series and one of the very best video game series I've ever played. I urge you to play it. Video game greatness, this.

5. Fallout Series.

"They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard."- Fantastic

Fallout... Well if this game don't sate your appetite. You have a black hole in your tummy, pal. The Fallout Series is just to addictive to pass on as time pass. This Time Killer is one of those few games that absorb your entirety. And as if the in game customization hasn't help, watch what the modding community has turned this game into.

4. Red Dead Redemption.

"Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair. You know that."- Dutch

This game deserves a special mention. This Stand Alone is only on the 360 and the PS3. But its so important that I've to mention it. This game is video game art. Until very recently, there was no game that came close to matching its overall awesomeness and even then it falls just shy. From the beginning of the game up until its shattering, shattering climax and that haunting song called Dead Mans Gun. Yes google it. This game is a must play if you have a previous gen console. Its still around.

3. The Grand Theft Auto Series.

“Well, hello there beautiful. Here, (hands over money) go buy yourself something nice.” Woman: “This is seven dollars?!?!”
“I said something nice, not something expensive!…” – Trevor Phillips To Franklin’s Aunt Upon Meeting Her For The First Time

Oh boy, need I say more? Need I really f*cking say more?

2. The Witcher Series.

"Hide the wenches, Witcher's coming!!"- Brothel Madame

Ahem, let me introduce you to my little friend. The mighter Witcher 3 should be no stranger to many gamers here. It is in fact the very best game I've played after Red Dead Redemption. The story, the gameplay, the characters. Oh boooooooy. And that massive world. I'm gonna play after finish this Take. Yes, what do you do? Go buy it and forget your past life.


1. Civilization Series.

Specifically Civilization IV and V. Why is it at the top? Because its practicallly endless. Infinite scenarios, infinite situations, infinite solutions. And definitely the feeling of epicness after you conquer an empire.

Yep. So that's my list.

Hon'ble Mentions: Final Fantasy Series, Uncharted series, Dark Souls series and so many many more. Ofcourse this is just my list. Anyone wanna add, please be my guest.

Thank you for reading. Ciao. #Gamingsbest

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Interesting take. Majority of those games are the kinds I can never seem to get into. I tried Grand Theft auto San Andreas but the beginning part annoyed me. Though at the time I wasn't as used to playing with a keyboard in games like that. So sometimes in the future I do plan to give that game another try.

    The Witcher series I might one day give a try. Just to see if I like it at all. Since it kind of seems interesting.

    Out of that entire list The Elder Scroll Series. Is the only one I like and have played both Oblivion and Skyrim. Though the only thing that makes The Elder Scroll Series so amazing. Is the mods people have made that you can add on to those games. That's the reason so many people are extremely mind blown by them. So without the ability to add A LOT of mods to those games. Most people wouldn't enjoy them games as much.

    Ick to you naming Mario for the Nintendo part. Even though I like a lot of Nintendo games. I HATE Mario games. Only one that seems worth playing is Super Mario Galaxy. So other than that Mario is shit to me.

    • I get ya. Nintendo excels in gameplay design, the games on the Wii are just so easy to get into. But I think they genuinely need to up their game. They've the game changer in their hands, shame its so underrated.

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    • Most things these days care about making it all look real and just giving into people that are obsessed with things like COD. So they are giving into the bigger group of lazy ass people. That like mindless violence. Which sucks.

    • I know right? I miss the good ol' PS2 days.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair. You know that."- Dutch
    Uh that wasn't Dutch.
    That was John Marston talking to his wife Abigail

    • I would have probably put the Arkham Series on here

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    • Yeah, Arkham knights still a great game though

    • If only I had a copy on my XBONE to review it.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Cool, I like The Witcher, Resident Evil and Dragon Age too :D

  • #1. Kingdom Hearts series.


    • I think @Mustachekitteh is your type then.

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    • I found out about that warfarm game because of her. Now... warfarm is good, warfarm is life. 😣

    • Naw nothing you could do could scare me away. :D Though I've never been to crazy about the Kingdom hearts series.

      I better shush about any of the games I've played so far then. :D

What Guys Said 10

  • Out of your entire list I like the Metal Gear and Fallout series the most and find them to be the most memorable, but I don't have time to really play or re-play any of those game at the moment. The rest I don't really have much interest in, although I have watched a friend play some of the earlier Resident Evil games, thought they were fun to watch. But I guess I'm just not really that into fighting zombies in video games either, but I do remember playing House of the Dead games. I think I find the Devil May Cry series more interesting than the Resident Evil series, but that's just me.

    I was surprised you didn't put in any FPS's like Call Of Duty or Battlefield, but I guess you aren't really a fan of that genre, I used to but again, haven't really had the time and hadn't really placed them for quite some time now. The same goes for lack of any fighting genre on your list.

    • Yeah but the last great COD game I played was MW2, I played black ops 3 and... not looking too good. Rather put Far Cry 3 or Dishonored up there.

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    • @DooMguy

      ”Hmmm... That's one doomed space marine”

  • Resident Evil! I loved it!

    What galled me was how easily they could have made 5 and 6 sooo much better.

    5. A teammate? WHY! They should have made it possible for Sheva to get killed if you messed up, or multiple story endings like Resident Evil 1. AND, they should have gotten rid of tank controls then, and/or massively increased Jill's screen time. No one gives a damn about Excella or Sheva, gives us Jill and Chris together! AND MERCHANT!

    6. Why does Leon spend the last 1/3 of his campaign fighting the same villain... again... and again... and again? It's as anticlimatic as hell. And why no merchant, or customizable weapons, or even weapons that are real life guns?

    • I miss the RE4 Merchant
      Whaddya buyin

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    • @Waffles731 That's part of why I bought the Blacktail instead of the Red 9, haha.

      It's a 9mm handgun with superior handling!

    • Hell a personal hero of mine carried a broomhandle mauser
      T. E Lawrence
      Lawrence of Arabia

  • Honourable Mentions :-
    Devil May Cry (series)
    God of War (series)
    Need for Speed (series)
    FIFA (series)
    Call of Duty (series)
    Mortal Kombat (series)
    Portal (series)

  • You're counting entire series for one best game. That's like having a world championship boxing match and sending in a SERIES of boxers to fight at once

    10. What? The 2 HD remakes of Gamecube games from 10 years ago?

    9. Didn't play it, don't care

    8. Metal Gear Solid 5 by itself is not a series. Both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are one game.

    The rest of these games are just rereleases except for Fallout.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 by itself is not a series

    • I've been playing games since 1988. You're not a gaming lunatic. This new generation is probably the only thing you even know. You didn't even know that half the games were re-releases lol

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    • Dude. Like seriously. I didn't write about games from ten years ago. I don't claim to know everything there is to know about gaming. I write about the games I'm fanatic about. If that doesn't sit well with you, then good for you. I'm pretty sure you're more of a scholar than I am AND I don't care.

    • Complacency is a sign of weakness. Clearly you can be trusted to have an unbiased and well-informed opinion when you've only played like 30 games in your life

  • Nice Take, Resident Evil and Civilization are my favorites here.

  • "7. The Elder Scroll Series"


  • xD I only played red dead reVOLVER
    and GTA SA

    League of legends is a fav :)

  • Yeah Mass Effect 3 was absolutely breathtaking

  • I bookmarked this page...

  • Gotta admit only Grand Theft Auto series went better... but others fuck 'em...20th century's gamin' is superior and it'll always be...